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Mastery in Flanders: Intensive Care

Lecture with New Year's drink
02.02 2018
Theaterzaal Ledeberg

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Archipel starts the year with a foreign look at the mastery in Flanders. The mastery of the architect and the mastery of the craftsman are often regarded as synonyms.

As part of the New Year’s reception, Archipel wants to start the working year with a foreign view of the mastery in Flanders.

Mechthild Stuhlmacher from the Rotterdam office Korteknie Stuhlmacher Architects has been familiar with the Flemish architectural landscape for many years through juries, teaching assignments, architectural assignments, … In Mechthild’s opinion, the mastery of the architect and the mastery of the craftsman are often regarded as synonyms.

In the countries whose architecture culture is largely characterized by the professionalism of the execution, the mastery of the architect consists of an intense collaboration with and the creation of an appropriate stage for the maker. The architecture of countries such as Switzerland and Austria, for example, can not be envisaged without the specific expertise of carpenters and concrete specialists, and is largely determined by the right applications of traditional techniques. Innovations start from known craft conventions. “In Flanders, in the last decades, a completely different kind of mastery has developed, the mastery of the designer. The best Flemish architecture in my eyes shows itself candidly in relation to the mastery and the conventions of the maker. The best Flemish architects paint with space and material, question conventions and possibilities, programs and places in a sometimes inimitable individual way and view both the simplest as well as the most complex spatial sequences or material connections with an individual unpredictable view.”_
Italic text is by Mechthild Stuhlmacher

The lecture attempts to interpret and illustrate the mastery of the designer with a few (perhaps) not obvious examples.

The program:

A welcome: by chairman Bruno Vanbesien: 2018 Mastership
Mastery Intensive Care: Mechthild Stuhlmacher takes a look at the Mastership of our Flemish Architecture.
Thanks: to a number of people who have been important throughout the history of Archipel.
New Year’s drink: with a drink and a snack, offered by Porcelanosa and Archipel.