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Liquid City 2 Lecture

Liquid City 3 Debate


Liquid City 4 Lecture

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日本 japan | GROUP 3: AUTUMN 2018 Trip


Lecture Liquid City 2

Concertgebouw - Kamermuziekzaal, Brugge

On 28 May, Archipel, the Bruges Triennial and the Ghent Centre for Global Studies (University of Ghent) invite anthropologist Anna Tsing to give a presentation on her research into invasive species.

Debate Liquid City 3

Grootseminarie, Brugge

With the exhibition in the Grand Seminary, the Bruges triennial offers a historical and theoretical counterpart to the contemporary architecture and art route in the city centre.



Lecture Liquid City 4

Coupure, Brugge

The Spanish architectural duo are known for their colourful constructions, often of synthetic materials.

Lecture Liquid City 5

House of Time, Brugge

House of Time is a long-term project that was launched by the German architectural firm raumlabor, in
collaboration with local partners such as Brugge(n) voor jongeren and Bolwerk.

Lecture Liquid City 6

Concertgebouw - Concertzaal, Brugge

The Nigerian architect Kunlé Adeyemi (1976, Lagos) is known internationally for his socio-ecological projects on the African continent.
The Triennial ends with a presentation in the large concert hall of the Concertgebouw by Kunlé Adeyemi, who will talk about his work.


Trip 日本 japan | GROUP 3: AUTUMN 2018


We travel two weeks through the rising sun. A balanced architectural mix of contemporary, traditional and modern. But also culture, nature, art and … the Japanese life are expressly present.

2018 | Meesterschap

Program 2018: Cahier #006 | Meesterschap