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Archipel travel

After a long corona lockdown, we will be starting back up in the fall!

October 2022: Andalusia
April 2023: Backpacking through Japan
May 2023: Hanzeland – Hamburg
Fall 2023: Switzerland

Theme 2022

Ghent is a true city of architecture, with a rich heritage of buildings and public spaces from the past and present. The city is home to a number of renowned design schools. Many talented designers work here. There are ambitious clients and numerous cultural centres that use urban life as a source of inspiration. And there are masses of Ghent citizens who roll up their sleeves to improve their living environment!

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07.10 08.10
Bike tour in Hasselt en Genk
Fascinating relationship between architecture and landscape

Hasselt and Genk have a strong profile in the field of contemporary architecture and its relationship with the landscape. A lot of titillating buildings will be visited on our two-day route.

Engagement in Ghent
The big meeting of Architectureplatform Ghent

The newly established Architectureplatform Ghent introduces itself. It is a broadly based urban network working on architecture, design and spatial issues in an overarching partnership. Our ambitions are shared in a large network event.

The productive city
TRANS architecture | urban planning - a good city needs industry?

The manufacturing industry is an added value for a city. TRANS architecture | urban planning works on various projects in Ghent and Kortrijk that make the theme particularly topical and relevant.

21.10 28.10
Arquitectura Andalusia
Discovery tour in southern Spain
Full! Registration is only possible on the waiting list.

“There is only one right way to experience architecture and that is through direct on-site observation. Scale, texture, light and shadow, the interplay with the environment can only be observed when walking through the architectural work.”
This was the opening sentence for a number of successful trips by Archipel (2003-2004) towards Eastern, Northern and Central Spain. Southern Spain, Andalusia was then left out. High time to do something about that.

City Building 2.0
Bruther (F) - In search of the third space

Ghent is growing and space is becoming scarce. As a rejuvenating and colouring city, Ghent is facing spatial and social challenges: cleverly intertwining spaces and, where possible and desirable, compacting them, looking for third spaces that structure social life and strengthen living together. Stéphanie Bru and Alexandre Theriot explain their multifunctional buildings as the motor of a neighbourhood.

Between art and architecture
Ciel Grommen - A practice of presence

Ghent has a surprising number of bottom-up initiatives in the creative sector. This angle was considered during the first Ghent Architecture Prize by professional jury member Ciel Grommen. She works on the border between art and architecture, often in cooperation with others, and shows her work.

01.04 12.04 2023
Backpacking through Japan
An adventurous backpack trip full of architecture
Full! Registration is only possible on the waiting list.

Seize this opportunity to get to know Japanese architecture, art and culture while backpacking with other architecture lovers. The route takes you along the ancient city of Kyoto, the art islands in the Setouchi Sea and the hi-tech metropolis of Tokyo.

TBD 05 2023
From brick expressionism to the intangibility of Ishigami

A visit to Hamburg is a walk through the architectural history of the last 150 years. Here, few architecture that is older survived the storms; fire, epidemics, economic revolutions, war… Her population always scrambled back up, adapting the city to the new reality. Pulling down and building up, moving streets or if necessary entire neighbourhoods, cleaning up the debris, dreaming of a new city most beautiful.