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Creatively dealing with space Miscellaneous

From harmony to chaos: Le Corbusier, Varèse, Xenakis and le poème électronique Lecture

Dimitri Leue: Braemtalk Miscellaneous

Between space and plan Lecture

Symposium-day Living a drift Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous Creatively dealing with space

Boekentoren - Henry Van de Velde-zaal, Gent

For the fifth time Archipel organizes a workshop with children, daddies and mothers following the Art Day for Children. On that day, families with children aged up to 12 can get acquainted with art throughout Flanders and Brussels. With us also the art of architecture.

Lecture From harmony to chaos: Le Corbusier, Varèse, Xenakis and le poème électronique

Concertgebouw - Kamermuziekzaal, Brugge

Poème Electronique by architect-painter Le Corbusier, composer Edgard Varèse and architect-composer Iannis Xenakis was the multimedia sensation of Expo ’58. From the outset, however, client Philips had his own idea about the play of color, light and sound. Architect Jan de Heer and composer Kees Tazelaar made an accurate analysis of Le Corbusier’s original, never executed scenario in Van harmonie tot chaos. They bring their story and their completely new overwhelming reconstruction.

Miscellaneous Dimitri Leue: Braemtalk

Cultuurcentrum De Grote Post, Oostende

In 1968 Renaat Braem publishes the controversial book “The ugliest country in the world”. It became a complaint against the construction method in Belgium.

The performance Braemtalk, an initiative of the non-profit organization Art Shelter is brought with text and music by Dimitri Leue and is a co-production of the Flemish Architecture Institute, De Singel, the Grote Post and Archipel.

Lecture Between space and plan

Bestuurs- en dienstencentrum, Sint-Gillis-Waas

Within the framework of mastery two strong ladies present their oeuvre in one of their own realizations: the Welzijnshuis in Sint-Niklaas. The seductive title “Between space plan” guides us through the vision and ideals of this duo.

Miscellaneous Symposium-day Living a drift

KASK, School of Arts, Gent

Archipel likes to build bridges to other domains of society. Archipel is venturing into new territory. In collaboration with the Belgian-Dutch Foundation for Psychoanalysis and Culture, founded in 1990, we investigate the link to architecture.

2018 | Meesterschap

Program 2018: Cahier #006 | Meesterschap