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Martine Pollier
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Theme 2024

A path often appears unplanned, where it is needed or simply convenient. The ‘elephant path’, for example, cuts a corner, reappears again and again in the neat flowerbeds of the planned city. The secret route to that intimate waterfront vantage point, the short-cut to the bus stop via the back of the supermarket: often informal paths take us to unexpected, interesting places.

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The Common Thread versus Wander Space
The Spaces of Possibility


On Thursday 22 August, we are hosting SO-IL and RE-ST agencies for a duo lecture at the Standaert site in Ghent. Under the heading Spaces of Possibility (Triennale Brugge), we zoom in on the opportunities of detecting and activating underused space.

The sea as margin
Coastal tram from De Panne to Knokke

The coastal tram strings together 67 stops between De Panne and Knokke-Heist. It runs along 67 km of coastline with – on one side – an immense view of an endless sea: a unique setting within our increasingly silting urban landscape. The other side is a strung-out fabric of buildings with a few more patches of dune landscape.

Inclusive city
On thresholds for and doors to welcoming in-between spaces in the metropolis

&bogdan & BC architects
Globe Aroma

In September, we focus on inclusion, hospitality and diversity in the city. We look at a plan for a centre for drug users and an artistic workplace for artists from the margins. Not because spaces for drug users or artists with a migration story are comparable one-to-one, but because there is an ambition from both projects to create a safe environment that can offer perspective to people in precarious situations and, from that environment, have an impact on the hospitality of the city as a whole.

China Day
Balancing between tradition and future

A fascinating study day in preparation for the China trip, but also for the China-interested. Gradually, we find out more and more about the mysteries of this fascinating country.

Who will win the second Ghent architecture prize?
Ghent Architecture Prize ceremony

The City of Ghent will award an architecture prize for the second time on 6 October 2024. The prize awards recently realised projects on Ghent territory that testify to design strength and innovation and are a lasting enrichment for the city.

06.10 20.10
Exclusief Inclusief - Design event
Exhibition: Designs for Ghent

In 2024, the year of Ghent European Youth Capital, more than 30 studios collaborated on a participatory narrative for Ghent to integrate young people as key actors for life in the city of the future. Their work will be exhibited.

18.10 02.11
China - group 1
Balancing between tradition and future

Registration for group 1 is only possible on the waiting list or in group 2.

In the autumn of 2024, we will visit the Heavenly Realms. Be amazed by the unparalleled splendour hidden behind every corner, and experience an unforgettable adventure in a land driven by boundless stories and impressive architecture!

Land vs landscape - a conversation with roots

Bureau Bas Smets
Stefano Mancuso (IT) – (TBC)

Humans are sensitive, but so are plants. To learn more (and feel more), we will travel to Kortrijk in October. Humans have five senses, so does a plant, as well as at least 15 others. Plants warn each other with scents about hostile herbivores, form huge networks with their roots and communicate with birds, insects and each other about their environment. Not for nothing do leading scientists now put plants on the same evolutionary step as animals.

25.10 09.11
China - group 2
Balancing between tradition and future
Still some places available!

In the autumn of 2024, we will visit the Heavenly Realms. Be amazed by the unparalleled splendour hidden behind every corner, and experience an unforgettable adventure in a land driven by boundless stories and impressive architecture!

Rethinking housing
A plea for ‘new standards'

The lecture, which could not take place on 16.11.2023 due to urgent personal circumstances, will be scheduled in autumn 2024.

Duplex Architekten shows how innovative housing can function in Switzerland and what contribution it can make to urban development. We place this lecture in a broader study of new financing models for the housing market and alternative forms of housing within which housing can remain affordable.

Living materials
In Vivo or how to ensure a living building?

Bento architecture
Elise Vanden Elsacker

Fungi play an important role in the networks between plants. In November, we zoom in on the potential of these materials in construction. A scientific and a design perspective show the mesmerising, radical implications of mycelium materials on how we can look at building processes in the future. Building maintenance, for example, suddenly takes on a different meaning and becomes rather caring, keeping alive. What are the possibilities of these new living materials? In what ways does it challenge our building logic and subsequently our behaviour?

On (the right to) be in the public space

Geert Peymen en Pleuntje Jellema (NL)
New South (FR/B)

As the final lecture of working year 2024, we look at the hospitality of public space. We pay attention to the individual experience of space and the need for stillness of its users. This evening, we show practices that incorporate this into the design process, making radically different choices and challenging the architectural discourse.

Archipel Architecture Quiz 2024
Questions from the rich architectural archive

Get your knowledge from under the dust, crack open those books again and prepare!
Here comes the fourth Archipel Architecture Quiz.
We continue the tradition.