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We are the next generation #4
18.10 2018
Lokaal van JCI - kamer L

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In collaboration with Designregio Kortrijk and the intermunicipal company Leiedal, Archipel organizes an architecture lecture at the end of October within the ‘week of design’.
Three offices from the region get a podium.

Week of Design 2018: We are the next generation

Traditionally, Archipel joins in the month of October with the enthusiasm of Kortrijk and the annual event about creativity and design. This year Week of Design takes place during the Biennale Interieur 2018 and is part of the official city program of the international design festival.
In this context Archipel organizes an architecture lecture, in collaboration with Intercommunale Leiedal and Designregio Kortrijk.
We let three architects from the Kortrijk region speak: Still architectuur from Kortrijk, AVDK architects from Heule and buro aRCHITEC from Wevelgem.

Still architecture

Still architectuur (Kaat Stragier and Eefje Casteele) stands for warm architecture that becomes one with the environment. Friendly and homely. Because the duo designs together from a gut feeling. With a preference for honest materials, pure lines and artisan customization. Still architecture extends beyond classical architecture and also designs interiors down to the smallest details.
The couple prefers to leave an existing context and invariably strive for a soft approach to the original architecture. Intuitive and emotional. So that old and new harmoniously merge into a fresh whole. At Still architecture, the homely rules in synergy with a pure interplay of lines and abundant light.

AVDK architects

AVDK architects stands for a quality, contemporary architecture. For us, building is not an architecture for architecture but an architecture tailored to the client with a sparkling spirit and based on a thorough reality check. We always try to strive for solidity, comfort and beauty, as Vitrivius – a Roman architect – has already described 2 millennia ago. For us, quality architecture means attention at all levels, ranging from the functionality over the details to the good workmanship. An intelligent way of building with an eye for flexibility and sustainability.
We like to quote arch Florian Beigel when we think about our ideas:
‘… We think architecture is the art of the art of the special occasion. We are quiet architecture, thoughtful, with a generosity of spirit and mindful of affordability …’

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aRCHITEC, with small a, stands for serviceable architecture – with empathy and imagination – that wants to bring out the best in people. We go for homes, schools, offices, businesses, cultural centers, … where everything becomes more intense and enjoyable; where cohabitation, collaboration and meeting is just a bit smoother or more exciting; which also benefits the environment and the planet.
What architecture does. That is what matters to us. Each time we are allowed to be part of a human story of intentions, ambitions and dreams, and that drives us to a meticulous and supportive architectural response, with its own atmosphere, space and appearance, and with a particular focus on the way we bring people together. . And that in a world of limitation and finiteness. Responsible and generous is the challenge.
The scale does not matter. We love cooperation outside our four walls. If only in some way it can create (social) added value. We sign for that.

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