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MOOOV Filmfestival

The Proposal (2018)
01.05 2019

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MOOOV film festival brings cinematic stories from around the world with an eye for the struggles in the world and a heart for its residents.

Archipel organizes an architectural focus within the MOOOV film Festival, which presents films from all over the world on the big screen in Flanders. Archipel collaborates on two projects.

Film | The Proposal (2018)

The first project is the showing of the documentary ‘The Proposal (2018)’, focussing on the work of the twentieth century Mexican star architect Luis Barragán. The film is introduced by architect and Barragán connoisseur Marc Dubois. After the movie there is a short discussion with director Jill Magid and Marc Dubois.

Jill Magid’s captivatingly wily documentary about her attempt to liberate the archives of the renowned Mexican architect Luis Barragán, wears many faces. Detailing at once an art project and a rescue mission, a love triangle and an elaborate, outlandish bargain, the movie has a surface serenity that belies its fuming emotions.
In this, it mirrors the three-year correspondence between Magid (a writer and artist who once trained as a spy), and the controller of the archives, Federica Zanco. Rumored to have acquired them in the mid-1990s as an engagement gift from her fiancé, the owner of a Swiss design conglomerate, Zanco rigidly guards them from all but limited public access in her foundation near Basel. Faced with major obstacles to mounting her own exhibition on Barragán (who died in 1988), Magid embarks on an epistolary seduction of increasing flattery and desperation. © Jeannette Catsoulis

Architect Marc Dubois has since the end of the eighties, a unique key position in the Flemish architectural debate. Before the function of Flemish Architect was created, he was one of the voices advocating the internationalization of the Flemish architecture and encouraged this actively. Together with Christian Kieckens, he organised the first Flemish Architecture Exhibition ‘ Architects from Flanders ‘ for the Venice Biennale. For Europalia Mexico in 1993 he worked on the scenario of a Barragán film and in 1994 he gave a lecture on this Mexican star architect for Archipel. In 1996 and 1998 Marc was also Director of the Interieur Biennale in Kortrijk. In 2019, he was a laureate of the Ultima Architecture Prize.

Lecture | ‘Letters to the city’

The second project is the lecture ‘ letters to the city ‘, an initiative of Dertien12 – Architectuuratelier.

During the OPEN House weekend of the Republic in 2018 Dertien12 organised the first of the lecture series ‘ letters to the city ‘: letters including impulses to innovative urban culture, which they will send during the coming years to the city of Bruges. During two years the site of the Republic and Cinema Lumière was renovated by Dertien12. This site is strategically located in Bruges and was upgraded through a mix of cinema, creativity, grand café and heritage. A contemporary contribution overwrites the historic theatre building from 1830 and opens up to the city.

In this lecture Archipel examines, together with Dertien12 and the Republic, the importance of such interventions in the city.