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On (the right to) be in the public space
Theater Tinnenpot - Beckettzaal
Tinnenpotstraat 21
9000 Gent


Free to all members
€10 for non-members
€5 for students

With the support of:

Geert Peymen en Pleuntje Jellema (NL)
New South (FR/B)

As the final lecture of working year 2024, we look at the hospitality of public space. We pay attention to the individual experience of space and the need for stillness of its users. This evening, we show practices that incorporate this into the design process, making radically different choices and challenging the architectural discourse.

Guy Livingstone

The book ‘The Lee Place’ by Geert Peymen and Pleuntje Jellema is the result of an investigation into spatial parameters that make urban public spaces places of silence, tranquillity and stillness. The concept of the lee – as a place in the river where the current has no hold – symbolises what a place of silence can mean within an urban landscape. The lee place, as a new typology, can help shape the city of the future. The emphasis on experience, on ‘being’ in public space is echoed by the firm NEW SOUTH, a studio for architecture, urbanism and anthropology based in Paris and Brussels. They like to quote Bell Hook’s statement “We put the margin at the centre” and ask how hospitality is extended to the margins, how other voices can be heard and given (public) space in the city? At the intersection of research and practice, they engage with areas in tension, with a focus on vulnerable bodies and fragile places.

Geert Peymen en Pleuntje Jellema

Guy Livingstone

Pleuntje Jellema

Geert Peymen

Meriem Chabani, New South

New South

Antoine Guerin

Matthieu Torres