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Govaert & Vanhoutte (BE)

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On the basis of a number of realized concepts, the vision of the architects is instantiated. The basis is a well functionalism, coupled with the logic of the program and the local, existential context. It is the engine of the concept, stripped of all formality: an abstract principle. This content is provided in an artistic manner and aestheticising interpreted and externalized. The result is a transcending conventional trends and formalisms. A kind of ‘Suprematism’ to articulate it with painterly terms.

The architectural appearance is therefore usually close to the original recorded content and looks abstract. It is on this border that attracts architects Govaert & Vanhoutte and want to apply in their jobs. Affect their contemporary architecture is the contact with historical buildings. Such buildings have been stripped of all superfluity, are close to their function and location, and have a ‘naturalness’. Their abstraction can they survive.

The proposed concepts are:
- Fort Napoleon (Oostende)
- Vesting Route and Casemates (Ypres)
- Construction Square around Grand Hotel Belle-Vue (Westende)
- Office and residential buildings (Sint-Michiels)
- Buildings Delta Light (Gullegem)
- Colombine (Brugge)
- Individual houses (Bruges and Gooik)



Th 21 October 2004 20:30


't Leerhuys
Groeninge 35
8000 Brugge


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