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Trip report Portugal

With video of Paul Vandenberghe
19.11 1999

Experience the architecture of our trip to the ‘strange magic of the obvious’ in a one and a hour movie.

(autotranslated) To experience the architectural of our trip to the ‘strange magic of the obvious’ we show some footage. Our cameraman Paul Vandenberghe presents, in one and a half hour condensed report image projected on a large screen and commented by Gery Vandenabeele.

We notice that travelers these traditional archiving of visual memory appreciate, but also non-travelers get an overview of the most interesting work of Fernando Tavora Alvaro Siza, Eduardo Souto de Maura … and others in Setubal, Evora, Lisbon, Aveiro, Penafiel, Marco de Canavezes, Villa do Conde, Porto, Leca Palmeira, Braga and St. Maria do Bouro.

The video obviously has no ambition of a professional documentary, but the steady hand and clear vision of Paul invariably provide for a clear report. The travelogue is chronological.