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City of Factories and Garden City

1st city debate 'Bruges makes space'

The City of Bruges organizes this fall along with Archipelago and Vormingplus three city debates following the presentation of the new spatial plan for Bruges. Together with experts and the policy debates on the six city images that form the core of a new spatial vision. Per night debate two issues are kept under the light.

The first debate “City of Factories and Garden Cities” will take place on September 12 and focuses on the city images “productive city space to make” and “vertu indene city space to thrive.”
The central research question is: “How do we reconcile work and live in Bruges tomorrow? Where we make place for business, for industry, for innovation, for the economy of the future? And how we can live better on less space, making in Bruges in the future is good and green living for young and old?

Keynote speaker Jonathan Holslag This applies in debate with the Flemish Government Architect Leo Van Broeck, mayor and chairman of the Bruges Seaport Renaat Landuyt and council member of urban planning Franky Demon. The debate will be moderated by Joachim Declerck from Architecture Workroom.

Jonathan Holslag is professor of international politics at the Free University of Brussels but a versatile opinion maker. In his essay Flanders in 2055, he holds an optimistic plea to believe again in a resilient economic future for Flanders, in which a leading role is played by making new places in our cities.

Brand new Flemish Government Architect Leo Van Broeck has long argued for a more sustainable organization of our cities, with more quality for the environment in less space. Whether this vision is also room for workshops town and city factories will show this first debate Bruges city.

The new spatial plan for Bruges
The project AWB / custom designers / FOR COUNTRY working with the city of Bruges to a new policy that will replace the current Municipal Spatial Structure. The new plan will offer a visionary framework for the future spatial development of the city of Bruges. Moreover, demand prevails in the design team to come up with the structure an sich touting as document and process. The capital of West Flanders, like other cities in the region, faces a heavily modified demographic and economic reality which is at odds with the existing instruments for developing the spatial area. Through design research are issues previously grouped thematically, the traditional sectors and into a compelling tale city.

Bruges get-styled containing 6 strategic townscapes; productive city space to the romantic city space to seduce, solidarity city space to share the vertu indene city space to flourish, the relaxed city, room to move and the resilient city space to flow. This city images bring societal challenges identified where Brugge will have to respond. These are key issues that serve as a framework for further development, but which also smart coalitions are built around and stem from many projects.

City Debates and the week of the space
A series of intensive workshops with city services, civil society organizations, higher authorities, citizens’ groups and other stakeholders translated opportunities and tasks, ambitions and needs in a clear development direction. This resulted in the design of various cityscapes, which are shown for the first time to the locals in “the week of the space.” This happens in two ways. First, the images are printed on promotional bikes that will travel around the city and where numerous events will be affected. Here troubadour will the city story to a wide audience doing explained. On the other hand, it is also a moment of reflection. So is also the first city debate through that week, which will focus on the city images “productive city space to make” and “vertu indene city space to flourish.”
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In the following months follow two nights debate, which will focus on the different city images.
11 or October 13 focuses the debate “Tourism and Metabolism” on “The romantic city space to seduce” and “resilient city space to flow”
On November 15, the debate will focus on the images “solidarity city space to share” and “relaxing city room to move.
More information about “the week of the space and the process of spatial policy can be found on bruggemaaktruimte.



Mo 12 September 2016 20:00


Hoofdbibliotheek Biekorf
Kuipersstraat 3
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