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Down Under, Episode #1

Along Walloon roads

After “Wild West” and “Far East” in Flanders in 2017, Archipel will go to Wallonia in 2019.

After the successful escapades “Wild West” and “Far East” in Flanders in May and November 2017, Archipel continues the quest for high-quality architecture in its own country in Wallonia.

Between the Hainaut remnants of terrils and waffle iron policy, we discover surprising projects in Mouscron, Tournai, Hornu, Mons and La Louvière. We keep the Namur and Liège provinces for a later edition. With the surprisingly cozy city of Mons as a base, the redesign of (industrial) heritage is unmistakably on the visit program. In particular, the powerful but at the same time meek response by the temporary association Coton – De Visscher – Lelion – Nottebaert – Vincentelli Architectes with the Center Keramis on the former Royal Boch site is entirely in keeping with Archipel’s annual theme “palimpsest”. But other young agencies such as V + and Holoffe & Vermeersch Architecture have managed to put their talent in the spotlight with a few new construction projects.
Old acquaintances such as architecture celebrities Jacques Dupuis and Roger Bastin set up some untouched masterpieces in this region. Big names such as Aires Mateus and Pierre Hebbelinck finally realized what their established name implicitly promises.

As the Archipel guides from the previous editions aptly put it: “Don’t be put off by the apparently well-traveled path of a regional architecture trip. We take you on a unique experience, a drive through and along the buildings, gardens and roads of the Walloon country. You can also expect the Archipel signature this time of unexpected projects, of exceptional explanation by designer or builder and of excellent guidance. ”

*Content support:*Miek Goossens, Dominique Pieters and Wim Supply
Practical organization: Planopli


Day 1
Musée de Folklore – V+ , 2019
La petite Fabriek – Arcadus, 2015
Faculté UCLouvain site de Tournai – Aires Mateus, 2017
Site du Grand Hornu, met o.m. le MAC’s – Pierre Hebbelinck, 1993-2002
Maison La Roncière – Jacques Dupuis & Albert Bontridder, 1960-1968

Day 2
Le Manège.Mons – Pierre Hebbelinck, 2001-2006
Siège de la Fondation Mons – AMK2A, 2011-2013
Corps de ville/Caserne – Matador, 2006-2014
Arsonic – Holoffe-Vermeersch Architecture, 2009-2015
Mundaneum – Guillaume Vleugels (1930)
Mundaneum extention – AM Coton-Lelion-Nottebaert, 2012-2015
Maison Losseau – Paul Saintenoy, 1899-1914
Mons Memorial Museum, MMM – Pierre Hebbelinck, 2011-2015

Day 3
Administration Communale Montigny-Le-Tilleul – V+, 2013
Keramis – AM Coton-De Visscher-Lelion-Nottebaert-Vincentelli Architectes, 2009-2015
Le Musée royal de Mariemont – Roger Bastin & Charles Gauquié, 1962-1975
Pavillon touristique Morlanwelz – Vers.A architecture, 2012
Triage-lavoir – Évence Coppée et Cie (1950-1954) en IDEA, 2008-2012
Maison et dépôt de bières Michaux – Jacques Dupuis & Albert Bontridder, 1958-1959
Maison Huart – Jacques Dupuis & Albert Bontridder, 1964-1966



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