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SLOW (36h)

"The slower the experience, the more intense the memory"

Concertgebouw Brugge organizes the 36-hour SLOW event in February. You get 36 hours of time to stand still. We walk and stop in a society that runs and takes a flight forward. Follow your intuition and forget about your clock: experience ‘time’ as ‘expensive’, enjoy maximum resources, move through the city in determined but slow movements and bring yourself into a trance through repetition. SLOW (36h) leads to a massage of the senses and – who knows – spiritual experiences. For once it is not the intention to attend as many concerts and events as possible.

Archipel contributes to this edition with a self-made production: a visual event zooming in on the slowness of the Japanese ancient culture. In 2018, 270 people travelled to Japan with Archipel. Through their eyes, images and objects were recorded of a culture, slowly entrenched through the centuries, in tradition and modernity.

Time: just stop at a haiku …

石 の 香 や
夏 草 赤 く
露 暑 し

ishi no ka ya
natsu kusa akaku
tsuyu atsushi

The smell of rocks
Red summer grasses
Hot dew drops



Fr 22 Su 24 February 2019


Concertgebouw Brugge
't Zand 34
8000 Brugge


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