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Danish design

Danish Design Days
20.02 2019

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In February Archipel supports an initiative of the Danish Embassy and the Danish Cultural Institute. During the Danish Design Days there will be an exhibition about Danish design at Tour & Taxis in Brussels. Archipel participates in one lecture.

Archipel supports an initiative of the Danish Embassy and the Danish Cultural Insti-tute. With a lecture by Jan Gehl they aim at putting Danish architecture in the spotlight.
Three years ago, Archipel already organized a very interesting lecture by Jan Gehl in the Concert building in Bruges, on the occasion of the Art and Architecture Triennial 2015. The lecture will take place within the frame-work of Danish Design Days. For those who did not yet hear this fascinating man, or want to hear him again, this is a special opportunity given the age of Jan Gehl (83 years).

Denmark is one of the most important design countries in the world. Thanks to the many well-known designers from the 1950s such as Arne Jacobsen, Hans Wegner and Børge Mogensen, Denmark has grown into a coun-try that is synonymous with clean lines, high functionality and a country that reflects design in a different way. Danish Design leaves its mark. Jan Gehl is also renowned worldwide for his ground-breaking work as urban planner and architect. His vision of sustainability when talking about cities and public space have made cities liveable again. Jan Gehl gives answers to a number of important questions. Is it sufficient to work with sus-tainable materials or to argue for more pedestrians and cyclists? Or are cities built on human scale sustainable by definition? And what does this actually mean for the designer of public space?

Jan Gehl will talk about liveable cities. For more than half a century he has been working to (re)shape cities into pleasant living environments starting from people. His main concern is to provide pleasant urban and vil-lage centers that invite walking, cycling, jogging, playing and living.

For personal reasons, the second announced lecture by Anders Eske Laurberg Hansen will not take place.