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Laura Muyldermans


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In the context of the start of the Bruges Triennale 2021, with the theme TraumA, the architect Laura Muyldermans talks about how togetherness can be read in this context.

Julie Guiches
The Bruges Triennial is launching its third edition with the theme TraumA, diving into the “uncanny” history and reality of Bruges. Historical layers are uncovered, forgotten or hidden storylines are discussed. This edition explores the fine line between dream and trauma, between paradise and hell. It responds to the imagination, to the pomp and circumstance, but also to the “uncanny” that is present underground. TraumA balances between the present and the hidden, between private and public, between dream and nightmare. Laura Muyldermans, a young architect from Brussels, who experiments with space and balances on the thin line between architecture and contemporary art, explores what togetherness can mean in this context. Or is it just NOT being together?