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Arquitectura Andalusia

Discovery tour in southern Spain
21.10 28.10
Zuid Spanje
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Known Archipel formula:
2,100 € pp based on a double room
supplement +350 € pp on the basis of a single room

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“There is only one right way to experience architecture and that is through direct on-site observation. Scale, texture, light and shadow, the interplay with the environment can only be observed when walking through the architectural work.”
This was the opening sentence for a number of successful trips by Archipel (2003-2004) towards Eastern, Northern and Central Spain. Southern Spain, Andalusia was then left out. High time to do something about that.

Breathtaking Andalusia

When you hear the word Andalusia you probably get a pop-up of sun and sea or a plate of Jamon Iberico with a glass of Jerez on a leafy terrace.
And although those images bring a warm glow to us as well, for Archipel, Andalusia is first and foremost a special collection of breathtaking architectural history that we want to explore.

Arquitectura Andalusia: A Rich History

Roman times, Moorish rule, the Spanish Reconquista and the Golden Age are periods that have marked wonderfully the architecture of the region.
We get lost in the power of color and proportion of the Mesquita and the Alhambra, and we discover the undeniable influence of that architectural grandeur on masters like Louis Kahn or Luis Barragan.

Bruno Vanbesien

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Contemporary Architecture

But Archipel also wants to look for how Spanish contemporary architecture sometimes cautiously, sometimes hesitantly, sometimes sharply tries to deal with that wonderful heritage in reconversion or restoration.
How open-minded contemporary architectural examples from a globalized world are absorbed and processed.
Or how a search for one’s own identity is sometimes surprisingly creatively put down.
Spain experienced a wave of boundless optimism at the end of the 20th century, when the world opened up for them, which for us was architecturally translated into a strict internationally inspired modernism. Catalonia and Madrid in particular placed themselves on the international map.
In the early 21st century came a severe economic crisis that was especially felt in the previously poor southern Spain.
Reluctantly, but with a lot of creativity, they are working on a resurgence.

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Wim Supply

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Cordoba and Granada

On this trip we will discover the work of internationally renowned Spanish architects such as Juan Navarro Baldeweg, Cruz & Ortiz, Nieto Sobejano or Paredes Perdrosa. We will also be surprised by lesser known names such as Elisa Valero, Antonio Jiménez Torrecillas, Victor Lopez Cotelo or Alejandro Munoz Miranda.
The trip will be built around the 2 major centers: Cordoba and Granada.
It will be an exploration of the contemporary intertwining of new and old sometimes with panache, sometimes in humble respect for the rich history. Sometimes a dialogue is entered into, sometimes you think, “fuck the context?”.

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Bruno Vanbesien


Cordoba | Medina Azahara | °936-940
Cordoba | Medinat al-Zahra Museum | Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos | 2009
Cordoba | City of Justice | Mecanoo | 2014
Cordoba | Centro Abierto de Actividades Ciudadanas | Paredes Pino | 2010
Cordoba | Public Library | Paredes Pedrosa Arquitectos | 2021
Cordoba |Teatro Góngora transformation | Rafael de la Hoz Arq. | 2014
Cordoba |Mezquita & Cathedral
Cordoba | Centro de Recepción de Visitantes | Juan Cuenca Montilla | 2011
Cordoba | Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs
Cordoba| Puente de Miraflores | CHS arquitectos | 2004
Cordoba | Centro de Arte Contemporáneo C3A | Nieto Sobejano Arq. | 2013
Cordoba | Baños del Alcázar Califal restauration |Francisco Torres Martinez|2002
Cordoba | Museo Arqueologico | IDOM-ACXT, Soler Rodriguez Arquitectos, Pau Soler, Joaquin Lizasoain
Cordoba | Palacio de Congresos Rehab | LAP arquitectos |2020


Granada | Centro Federico García Lorca | MX-SI
Granada | Catedral | Diego de Siloé |1505-1704
Granada | Palacio de la Madraza |Sultan Yusuf / Pedro Salmeron Escobar | 1349 & 2014
Granada | Alhambra y Generalife
Granada | Museo de Bellas Artes | Antonio Jiménez Torrecillas | 2008
Granada | Fundación Rodríguez-Acosta |Ramón Santa |1916-1930
Granada | Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura |Victor Lopez Cotelo | 2015
Granada | Educational Centre in El Chaparral | Alejandro Munoz Miranda | 2013
Granada | Biblioteca de Ciencias | Cruz & Ortiz | 2006-2017
Granada | Elisa Valero Studio| Elisa Valero | 2009
Granada | Business Confederation | Alejandro Munoz Miranda | 2007
Granada | Metro Alcázar Genil | Antonio Jiménez Torrecillas | 2017
Granada | Centro José Guerrero | Antonio Jiménez Torrecillas | 2003
Granada | Fundacion Medina |Ramón Fernández-Alonso y Asociados | 2011


Fuente Palmera | Antonio Gala Public Library | Lopez & Rudolf | 2012
Baena | Restauración Castillo | José Manuel López Osorio | 2016


Known Archipel formula: 
2,100 € pp based on a double room
supplement +350 € pp on the basis of a single room

  • The flight to and from Malaga
  • The trip and travel by coach
  • 7 days with 6 overnight stays + breakfast
  • Entrance to museums and buildings of the program
  • The Archipel – tour guide
  • The guidebook
  • Exclusive guides and explanations where possible
Not included
  • Lunch and dinner 
  • Travel assistance, cancellation and baggage insurance (please contact your own insurance company for this)

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