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Imagine Architecture
13.09 2022
Online streaming
vanuit het Elisabeth Center
2018 Antwerpen

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As a contemporary architect, how can you make your mark on the society of the future in an original and responsible way? During the varied online program with six progressive architects, you will discover their passion for architecture, their challenges and solutions.

Design Express and Archipel organize Inspirium: Imagine Architecture

On September 13, Design Express and Archipel bring you “Inspirium: Imagine Architecture,” a unique inspiration event by and for architects that focuses on passion for architecture.

As the world continues to spin in change, we’re creating space to inspire. Find out where our six guest speaker architects get their creativity to push the boundaries of form and materiality.

Inspiration literally means to breathe in, to suck in air to the lungs. In colloquial language, inspiration is used as a synonym for having ideas, inspiration and hunch.

Among the classical Greek philosophers, inspiration was considered something of a divine nature. According to Plato, the student of Socrates, inspiration is a means to deeper understanding.

Inspiration is something that fills us with joy, that makes us happy, that drives us. What we can literally be filled with in our chest. We sometimes literally feel the inhalation of ideas. Physically experiencing an enlightened moment.

Inspiration opens doors, makes connections, triggers our associative thinking process. Inspiration can be drawn from anywhere: from everyday life, from art, from nature, from music, … anything can be inspiration. An event, a memory, a photograph, a smell, … there is no single path or system … everything can be a source of inspiration and nurture something that can lead to personal inspiration.

Inspiration feeds the creative process. Every architect possesses an immense, internal library of experiences, images, journeys, memories, emotions, ideas, associations, … In the creative process, unexpected connections, links or impetus to a special, personal idea emerge from these numerous layers in the subconscious. We dive into this rich world of inspiration.

The six guest speakers are Els Kuypers (OSAR), Daan Bruggink (Orga), Bart Hollanders (Eagles of Architecture), Benjamin Denef (DMOA), Jeroen Dirckx (KCAP) and Johannes Robbrecht (Robbrecht en Daem).

We asked them to elaborate on the question “What will you add to the future of architecture?” “The human being” is the common thread throughout their various stories.

With the INSPIRUM event on September 13, we want to organize a unique inspirational event by and for architects with a passion for architecture.