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Bike tour in Ghent #2

Weaving a social tapistry
24.06 2023

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The social housing company Thuispunt Gent is investing drastically in a multi-year plan for more quality social housing. A lot of renovation and replacement projects are underway, because the patrimony is outdated. There is a lot of work to do. WoninGent pays attention to interventions that have a positive impact on the liveability in the buildings, but also on the construction of the immediate surroundings so that residents feel at home. They focus on people’s stories, on social cohesion. The bicycle tour takes you along various projects that strive for a qualitative image of social housing in Ghent.

Housing is a “hot” topic in Ghent. Only recently a referendum on affordable housing has been pushed on to the agenda. The housing crisis is making itself felt and requires an adapted housing policy to prevent more families from being affected by housing insecurity, housing debt and poor housing quality, etc. The city is also struggling with an outdated housing stock. Good housing is a fundamental right, and improvements are needed urgently. The population group with the lowest incomes are hit hard by the current crisis. They need help in finding good, healthy and affordable housing.

In the past five years there has been an exciting movement in the field of social housing in Ghent. Archipel organizes this show-case tour in consultation with Thuispunt Gent and Team Stadsbouwmeester, to show how social housing in a city can be done differently. We see how the outdated housing stock is being tackled, we dive into various typologies, look at how to futureproof new social housing, what acquisition structures exist, what strategies are being used.
We zoom in on the current challenges facing a city like Ghent.

We selected a series of innovative examples from the numerous social housing project that are being realised in Ghent.


S. Starting Point:
1. Station Gent-Dampoort
2. Heernislaan – denc-studio
3. Halvemaanstraat – net architectuur
4. Kraankinderstraat – net architectuur
5. Koopvaardijlaan – BLAF architecten
6. Loodsstraat – MVC architecten
7. Tichelrei – OSAR architecten + …
8. Vogelenzang – hama architecten
9. Tondelier – EVR architecten + BLAF architecten
10. Rabot – POLO Architects
11. Luizengevecht – Puls_net
12. Acaciapark – Abscis Architecten
13. Biezenstuk – Atelier Carbon
14. Nekkersputstraat – DierendonckBlanckeLustVandenginste