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Care homes in Kortrijk

In search of innovative housing concepts
26.10 2023

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The health and well-being of all people in Flanders, young and old, is important. There must be sufficient and quality care facilities in home care, care for the elderly, general and mental health care. In Kortrijk, we zoom in on intergenerational living and home care.

  • Intro
  • Kristof Claeys WZC de Korenbloem, Kortrijk
  • Speakers
  • Jan Vermeulen for Sergison Bates architects and Studio Jan Vermeulen in cooperation with Tom Thys Architecten
  • Dieter Haemers for B2Ai architects
  • Outro
  • Wino Baeckelandt, WZC Budalys, Kortrijk

Klaas Verdru


The city of Kortrijk is committed to create affordable housing. In the new housing policy, family-friendly homes and homes that can be altered over time to support the needs of all ages are clearly in focus. This tendency towards different forms of housing can be found in innovative residential projects for nursing homes..

Two recent projects in Kortrijk illustrate this trend. Budalys Kortrijk by B2Ai architects is an ambitious care and welfare project that works intergenerationally. Because of its interaction with the city, life is vibrant between young and old.

Klaas Verdru

Klaas Verdru

Klaas Verdru

A second project, the Korenbloem is a Care Pilot Project, an initiative of the Flemish Ministry of Welfare and the Flemish Master Builder that brings together innovative care concepts with innovative spatial models. The project offers new housing models for young people with dementia but also for elderly people with dementia and/or extra care needs. Extra attention is paid here to small scale and security, and in particular to communal living.

Both projects seek to break down existing barriers between “care” and society by organising new ways of care, being an open house in and with the neighbourhood.



Stefan Müller

Kristof Claeys

The Korenbloem vzw was nominated for the 2021 Wivina Demeester Prize for Excellent Clientship. The project won the New European Bauhaus Award 2021 in the category ‘Prioritising places and the people that need it most’. Kristof Claeys, as inspirer and client, explains how certain values were made central and how the concept of the residential-care neighbourhood was developed.

Wino Baeckelandt, WZC Budalys

Wino Baeckelandt is director of the Heilig Hart healthcare group. From the position as principal, he elaborates on the story of Budalys. The focus here light on the zoomed-out discussion of the project framed in a broader vision of care.


This architecture lecture is a collaboration with Leiedal and Designregio Kortrijk and is part of WONDER, Creativity Festival. From 19 October to 5 November, WONDER in downtown Kortrijk pushes the boundaries of your imagination.

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