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Jacob+McFarlane (FR)

The Knokke Casino

The architecture of the French Dominique Jakob and New Zealander Brendan MacFarlane is often described as an illusionary world that has more eloquence than any three-dimensional reality too. The client, visitor or resident wield a certain product offered with a certain emotional experience. For the refurbishment of the restaurant at the Centre Pompidou in Paris developed this architecture office housed example, a rugged surface which swells from the floor to aluminum volumes that play the light striking and create liquid and atmospheric topographical areas. In their design for Casino Knokke put them in such form language. Not only does the boardwalk leads to a winding, but strong relationship with the environment, including the “inflated” volume with only eight floors above ground the whole program takes in, takes into account the construction heights of coastline and therefore the specific context. Too bad the financial feasibility of the project soot has thrown in the works, so that the quality of design -the dialogue on the basis of an architectural vocabulary in the background is accidentally landed.

Dominique Pieters



Sa 08 October 2005 11:00


Cultuurcentrum Scharpoord
Meerlaan 32
8300 Knokke-Heist