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the 'brainwashing' of Michel Graves

By Barbara Vanderwee
26.02 1985
'Art Deco'
8800 Roeselare

After beginning his carreer in a kind of neo-Corbusian rhetoric and with Rietveld explosions, he started from 1976 to develop a completely revolutionary new design language. A post-modern classicism.

Michel Graves is the leading architect of American post-modern movement. After his early works (1966-1976) in a kind of neo-Corbusian rhetoric and Rietveld explosions, he started from 1976 to develop a completely thereby breaking new idiom. A post-modern classicism. A reinterpretation of classic architektuurtema that are awakened to a new life. With undeniable originality and great class. His breakthrough came with the 1980 competition project in the Portland Building: simultaneously reviled and praised up and the beginning of a series of major construction contracts.

Barbara Vanderwee will tell us about her experiences during her internship, the way of working in the studio and on the figure of Graves, his recent work and his “brainwashing.”

Barbara Vanderwee
Graduated in 1981 from the Sint-Lucas Schaaarbeek with a final design for which she received the Grand Prize of. From October ’81 to December ’82 she did her internship at Michel Graves in Princeton. She worked on the Humana project (Louisville-Kentucky). She completed her internship in 1983 at A. Hoppenbrouwers with whom she now works as an architect.