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Martine Pollier
Zandstraat 324, 8200 Brugge
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Studio Weave (UK)

Own work
27.06 2014

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Studio Weave, a young, energetic and extravagant architectural firm from London balancing between a positive open approach and a technical precision. They love to study peculiarities to isolate strengths and they transform it into something different with completely new qualities. Their work flirts with architecture, art, design and public space.

Trumpets instead of rain drains.
(autotranslated) What’s desk You Ahn & Mary Smith apart from other is a special dose of imagination and an intense pleasure to look forward to. Studio Weave is based on fairy tales as draft lines, * ‘The longest bench “,” salt made from tears,’ ‘trumpets instead of rain drains’ * … the list of creative designs and interventions goes on! Yet each project is intrinsically linked to its environment, the landscape and each leads a story from the genius loci. They consider buildings and their environment in a holistic manner: one intrinsically affects the other, and these relationships affect how people use a room, whether it’s indoor or outdoor space, public or private.

Each project starts with a very open mind and a close relationship between all those involved with the intention to create something unique. They’re intrigued in designs as game and playful designs in the belief that play is essential and functionally important, and not just a useless distraction. Playfulness leads to open, inventive and energetic outlook. Storytelling plays a very important role. This fascination stems from the powerful role of stories in creating a sense of place, as well as design tool, as a way to involve everyone around a project. For them it is a necessity that these stories grow from the inherent characteristics of the site. Never stories are imposed where they do not belong.

An architecture critic described their work as “psycho-geographical inclined” in the sense that projects be developed from the re-imagining of buildings and spaces as the best versions of themselves, instead they go elevated to something new. Studio Weave looking for clues in the site and enjoy the freedom to explore all possibilities for future transformations.

Studio Weave is an architectural firm based in Hackney, east London. Their work covers a wide range of projects ranging from furniture and art projects to buildings, landscapes and urban planning. Studio Weave currently consists of eight people and was founded by Mary Smith and Je Ahn.