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Children's art day

Keep on working: we have to save our planet!
16.11 2014

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Today’s children will face throughout their lives issues as energy, environment and sustainability. We build with the children a fantasy city, by using recyclable materials as a future important commodities!

Build your own city of recyclable material

(autotranslated) Today’s children will face throughout their lives with energy, environment and sustainability issues. We build with the children their own fantasy city, using recyclable materials as a future major commodities! Children build houses, flats, offices, factories, roads, bridges and tunnels with waste materials of plastic, electronic appliances, cardboard, rags, thread, rope, packing materials etc. Hundertwasser, Gaudi, Erik Sep and other artists serve as inspiration. A crazy adventure from 14h to 17h! Roll up your sleeves!

This workshop is led by the Dutch artist Marjan van Breugel. She often organizes workshops with children, and preferably with recycled materials!

In this workshop, children look at several interesting buildings from various architects and artists, to whom they bring their imagination to create their own structure with unusual materials! Children are thinking about re-use and understand their usefulness. They work together and learn to respect each other’s ideas.

Children of about 4 years t / m approximately 12 years of building with recycled materials. One central kick-off at 14 hours is provided, in which a brief introduction will be given with an explanation on the basis of atmospheric images that are hung on the wall. If children enroll later, they see what is happening and they can be instructed individually using atmospheric images on the wall.

Safety: Since there with glue guns (hot) and box cutters are used, each group of children accompanied by an adult. Children can do the best old clothes.

Each child builds a base plate, a sturdy piece of cardboard at least 30×30 cm. To build we use plastic bottles of milk / yogurt / yakult / actimel cups, plastic boxes, covers, cardboard boxes of tea, cookies, macaroni, milk cartons etc, Styrofoam pieces and scraps, pieces of cardboard, plastic bottles, etc …. Smaller appliances such as old radios, computer components, keyboards, cell phones, watches, gauges, etc … But also hoses, pipes, tubes, rags, thread, rope, toilet rolls, kitchen towels, caps, plastic caps, pieces (colored) paper … etc.

At the end of the day the exhibition of the work of children is ready!