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Atelier Bow-Wow (JP)

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(autotranslated) To end the contemporary architecture and art triennial Bruges in 2015 gives the Japanese firm Atelier Bow-Wow a lecture on his own work in the Concertgebouw. Atelier Bow-Wow is among the selection of renowned international artists and architects were challenged specifically for the triennial to create a new work that will be integrated into the public space. Through their imagination, you get first positive, future-oriented visions of the city and also the dystopian consequences of the current global urbanization. Besides swans and intimate town charm the visitor will also intriguing, poetic and surprising works of art in the center of Bruges! Other invited artists for the public space to Bruce Odland (US) & Sam Auinger (A) (O + A), Vibeke Jensen (NO), Song Dong (CH), Nathan Coley (UK), Studio Mumbai (IN) Tadashi Kawamata (JP) and Anne Katrine Senstad (NO).

The remarkable project of Atelier Bow-Wow departs from the theme of the restoration of the canals and the associated potential swimming. Their proposal consists of a floating structure on the canals which can accommodate a variety of multifunctional meeting times and activities (pontoon for swimming clubs, infrastructure for conferences, exhibitions and entertainment). The Japanese architect collective Atelier Bow-Wow was founded in Tokyo in 1992 by Momoyo Kajima and Yoshiharu Tsukamoto. The Atelier has grown in recent decades into one of the most innovative architects in the world. They enjoy best known for its micro-homes that they integrate into the densely populated Japanese capital. Bow-Wow investigating and infiltrating the urban fabric. They design buildings and structures that foster human interaction or strengthen existing social relations.



Su 18 October 2015 20:00


Concertzaal Concertgebouw
't Zand 34
8000 Brugge


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