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Pezo von Ellrichhausen (CL)

Living Room
19.10 2016
Biënnale Interieur Auditorium XXL

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Pezo von Ellrichshausen searches for the motives behind a “good living or living space.” Live viewed from inside …

In coöperation with the Biënnale Interieur 2016 in Kortrijk we invited the Chilean office *Pezo von Ellrichshausen. Titel of the lecture is “Living room” and is in search on the motives behind a “good living or living space.” Live viewed from inside …

Pezo von Ellrichshausen says :
To live, or to live well, is both to forget the artificial architectonic elements that turned that space into a good place while being suddenly reminded that there was a sensitive intention that coordinated those elements in a rather natural manner. We certainly believe a good interior space tends to disappear without becoming totally invisible. This seems to be an inevitable paradox; as architects, we have the capacity to build relationships among physical and mental qualities we already know and other given properties and affections we can hardly imagine. In our view, the strongest places to live, the good living rooms, are those where our most sophisticated formal intuitions are exceeded by the very fertile informality of life.

Casa Cien Dezeen

Pezo von Ellrichshausen’s Vara Pavilion for the 2016 Venice Biennale is described by the architects as “a series of exteriors within other exteriors.” Breaking down this crypticness, what emerges is a maze-like complex of circles – ten of them – formed with steel, cement, and painted plaster, which collectively create a series of walls, but no roof, thus forming a pavilion that is open to the elements from above. The 324 square meter pavilion’s title, “vara,” refers to an imprecise and obsolete Spanish unit of measurement, that was employed during the country’s conquering of America to trace and measure cities. Each of circles of the Vara Pavilion is a diameter of the unit, ranging from two to eleven.
VARA is aSapnish unit of measurement of length or area.
Vara Pavilion Dezeen

SILVER LININGINTERIORS is the theme and approach conceived by the curatorial team. With ‘SILVER LINING’, they bring a tribute to the 25th festive edition of the Biennale Interieur, while the subtitle ‘INTERIORS’ aims to explicate the possibilities of the designed environment.
“By looking at INTERIORS in the widest sense – ranging from high-tech, to our everyday living room, to an (art) installation – we would like to offer a catalogue of the hypothetical world. It seems to us that the SILVER LINING edition of the Biennale Interieur is the right place and time to realise those ambitions. INTERIORS will explicitly investigate and tackle the ‘living’ space, so the everyday word ‘interior’ will open up a rich collection of interpretations that does not only focus on individual objects, but strives for a complete spatial experience.”