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Bruges as ArtCity

3rd City debate 'Bruges makes space'
13.12 2016

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The third city debate focuses on the urban images’ The romantic city – space to seduce ‘and’ the resilient city by the sea – space to flow.

Together with Archipel and VormingPlus, the City of Bruges is organizing three city debates this autumn in response to the drafting of the new spatial policy plan for Bruges. Together with experts and policy debates are being held on the six urban images that form the core of a new spatial vision. Two themes will be brought to light per debate evening.

Bruges as Art City
The third city debate focuses on the urban images’ The romantic city – space to seduce ‘and’ the resilient city by the sea – space to flow.
We are talking about ‘Bruges by the sea’, about the consequences of climate change on the landscapes around Bruges, the threats and the opportunities this offers in terms of energy production and climate adaptation. What influence does the water have on the city, on the port, on the landscapes?

Keynote speaker Jan-Dirk Hoekstra (H+N+S Landscape architects) is workshop master for Project atelier Groningen of International Architecture Biennale of Rotterdam (IABR). This project atelier examines what the energy transition can mean for the economic perspective of the city and region of Groningen and what the consequences for spatial planning and spatial quality in the area can be. He also plays a role in the thinking around ‘metropolitan coastal landscape 2100’, a research project with the aim to to investigate the challenges facing the coast and how these can lead to building blocks for a shared development vision for the entire coastal landscape, including the sea and the hinterland.

In addition, from 1987 to 1990 Jan-Dirk Hoekstra was active in the cultural sector as a program maker for music events, theater and cultural debate in the Union in Rotterdam. He then worked from 1990 to 1993 as a landscape architect and ‘city ambassador’ for the cultural sector at dS + V Rotterdam and from 1993 to 1999 as senior advisor and division leader at Heidemij / Arcadis.

The right man to talk about the challenges and unique opportunities for the rich cultural field in Bruges, for a different type of tourism. How can an ancient city continue to be tempted?
Jan-Dirk Hoekstra discusses both themes with Freek Persyn from bureau 51N4E. “(external) 51N4E”: was involved in the study of the future of the Groeninge Museum, at the Triennale and in the study on the (external)revitalization of Zeebrugge”:
Till Holger Borchert, director of the Bruges museums and one of the two curators of the Triënnale also joins the table.
Ships of spatial planning Franky Demon and Mayor Renaat Landuyt represent the city council during the debate.

And of course we will debate with you: Come and ask your questions to the panel of experts and reflect on the future of the city.

Prior to this, you can participate in the program of the Festival of the Future.