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Ostend: East Bank

How a city works on its identity

Oosteroever is a complex neighborhood with a port area, a dune landscape, an existing residential area and the redevelopment of an existing port area and business area. This area must evolve into a full-fledged district that adds a new character to Oostende: an asymmetry with the central port. The Global Masterplan looks at the new integration of this area in Ostend, the fulfillment and meaning of public space and the integration of existing developments on the East Bank. With the ‘eastern island’, the entire eastern part of the eastern port of the harbor, which exceeds the boundaries of project development, with the development of the East Bank Dune and public domain vision into a full urban fabric, in which the social dynamics and relationships between the different neighborhoods (old lighthouse district, villa district, new eastern island) receive special attention.

The multidisciplinary character, which focuses not only on building but also on various economic, ecological and social aspects, adds more opportunities to the neighborhood. Characteristic of the East Bank is the presence of an unspoilt nature reserve with dune and sealand. The Ostend East Bank also has a wealth of historic moving and real-estate maritime and military heritage (Fort Napoleon, Hundius, Half Moon, and various bunkers batteries), including the authentic slipway and the RYCO – one of Europe’s oldest marinas.



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