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The Far East

Along Flemish roads #02
28.10 31.10 2017

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In real pioneer style, we draw with camera, sketchbook and valies in the hand of Leuven, Flemish Brabant, Hageland, Haspengouw, Hasselt, Limburg and Antwerp Kempen to Antwerp or vice versa.

After the ‘Wild West’, Archipel goes to the ‘Far East’.

When Archipel expanded the idea of ​​traveling along Flemish roads, it was quite clear that the total Flemish offer of quality and innovative architecture was so impressive and impressive that a split between East and West developed. In the spring we had ‘The Wild West’. This autumn we will cross the canal of Willebroek in true pioneer style ‘Antwerp-Brussels wall’ and we will take ‘The Far East’.

With camera, smartphone or sketchbook in hand we conquer the Eastern part of Flemish Brabant, Hageland, Haspengouw, Hasselt, Limburg and Antwerp Kempen and the Antwerp-Mechelen region or vice versa. One big discovery trip. That’s another solid sandwich because the offer is immense.

The team of tour guides made an effort to ‘rigorously but fair’ and taking into account timing, distance, accessibility and accommodation, to present the strongest of the strongest within a 4-day travel schedule.
The program features impressive highlights and indispensable anchor points, such as the experience center of the Averbode Abbey, the castle of Aldenbiezen and we are near the Westmalle Abbey. We also want to visit the winter sites of Winterslag and Beringen. Is this an Archipelago program? Yes, the creative architectural or artificial interventions that inspired us determine our choice. Classics such as churches and chapels are not lacking but are transformed into an indoor cemetery or office space. Even an old prison, transformed into university center, is on the program.
And Archipel also offers wonderful discoveries and unexpected creations such as a warehouse for strawberry, a dry-grove at a nursery, a university laboratory for climate research and … a staircase that does not lead to anything.
You can also expect this time on the Archipel stamp: a flood of interesting projects served at a firm rhythm and within strict timing, with expert explanations from designer, builder or ready-made travel guide!

Travel team: Sigrid Decramer, Arnout Fonck, Eva Lo and Wim Supply.



Gebouw O van de UA, Wilrijk – META, 2016
Gebouw M van de UA, Wilrijk – META, 2017
Topsportschool, Wilrijk – Compagnie O, 2015
Gemeenschapscentrum ‘t Blikveld, Bonheiden – Werner De Bondt, 1998
Administratief Centrum Bonheiden – Bogdan & Van Broeck, 2006
Woning Van Den Schrieck, Herent – Jacques Dupuis + Albert Bontridder, 1965
Woning Vandervaeren , Herent – Jacques Dupuis + Albert Bontridder, 1961
Inkomgebouw UZ Gasthuisberg, Leuven – Paul Felix, 1968
Psychiatrisch Centrum UZ Gasthuisberg, Leuven – Stéphane Beel, 2014


Seppenshuis, Zoersel – AWG, bOb Van Reeth, 1997
De Rode Roos, Zoersel – UR, 2016
Huis aan ‘t Laar, Zoersel – 51N4E, 2012
St. Pauluskerk , Westmalle – Marc Dessauvage, 1967
Monsaterium Magnificat, Westmalle – Marc Dessauvage, 1970
Tweewoonst Schellekens-Op De Beeck, Turnhout – Jozef Schellekens, 1935
Architectenwoning C. en L. Vanhout, Turnhout – Carli Vanhout, 1963
Villa ‘de Warande(kens)’ – Edward Van Steenbergen jr. , 1963


Stedelijke Sporthal Genk – BEL Architecten + Ney & Partners, 2015
Ecotron UHasselt , Maasmechelen – noA architecten, 2016
Vroenhovenbrug , Riemst – Ney&Partners, 2011
Reading between the lines , Borgloon – Gijs Van Vaerenberg, 2011
Golfclub ,Tielt-Winge – Robbrecht & Daem, 2014
Droogloods Arbor , Hulshout – Office KGDVS, 2014
Pedico schoenen , Geel – Murmuur architecten ism Robbrecht & Daem, 2014
Onthaalgebouw De hoge Rielen, Kasterlee – Huiswerk, 2002
Hostel Wadi , Kasterlee – Studio Secchi Vigano, 2013


Atelier Koen van den Broek, Merksem – Haerynck Vanmeirhaeghe ism Carl Bourgeois, 2013
Masterplan Kanaalsite Wijnegem – Jens Aerts, 2015
Witte en Grijze silo’s Kanaalsite Wijnegem – Stéphane Beel, 2015
Cubes Kanaalsite Wijnegem – Bogdan & Van Broeck, 2015
Pakhuizen Kanaalsite Wijnegem – Coussée & Goris, 2015
Landschap Kanaalsite Wijnegem – Michel Desvigne, 2015
KDV Speelpleinstraat, Merksem – 51N4E, 2013
Arenawijk , Deurne – Renaat Braem, 1960-72
Braemhuis , Deurne – Renaat Braem, 1958