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日本 Japan

To the land of the rising sun
03.03 17.03 2018

Met de steun van:

We travel through the land of the rising sun for two weeks. A balanced architectural mix of contemporary, traditional and modern. But also culture, nature, art and … Japanese life is explicitly present.

Japan travel becomes a balanced architectural mix of contemporary, traditional and modern.

Arnout Fonck But also culture, nature, art and … Japanese life are explicitly present. We travel through the land of the rising sun for two weeks.

###center:12175 ###

We start four days in Tokyo, a megalopolis, where ostensible chaos is in control, and where various streams of energy, people, traffic, culture and economy make the city. We take a blazing-fast Shinkansen trip to the more northerly situated Sendai for a visit to the media center of Toyo Ito.

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In Tokyo we also roam the spacious environment in search of often lesser known architectural work of young upcoming talent or a hidden gem of modernist classics. Through a stopover in Kanazawa, the journey slowly evolves into tradition, nature and tranquility in the Kyoto area, where we get lost for a few days in the impressive collection of authentic Japanese temples, gardens and villas.

Then we travel even further south to the many islands in the Japanese Inland Sea, where we taste the art projects on Naoshima, Teshima and Inujima. ### center: 12190 ### Then we return to Tokyo by a stop in Nagoya.

14 days filled with small, fine architectural and cultural discoveries.

Hera Van Sande & Wim Supply

GROUP 1: SPRING 2018: March 3 – 17
Tour guide:
Géry Vandenabeele, Wim Supply & Dominique Pieters

GROUP 2: EASTER 2108: March 31 – April 14
Tour guide:
Hera Van Sande, Eva Lo, & Bruno Vanbesien

GROUP 3: LATE 2018: Oktober 27 – November 10
Tour guide:
Hera Van Sande, Arnout Fonck, Géry Vandenabeele, Dominique Pieters & Wim Supply



Tokyo intro

D3 D4 D5 Tokyo|Sendai|Yokohama|Kanagawa

Za Koenji Public Theatre – Toyo Ito, 2005
Fuji Kindergarten – Tezuka Architects, 2007
Musashino Art University Museum & Library – Sou Fujimoto, 2010
Hanamidori Culture Center – Atelier Bow-Wow, 2005
Tokyu Plaza Ometosanto – Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP, 2012
Gyre OmetosandoMVRDV, 2007
Christian Dior OmetosandoSANAA, 2003
Tod’s Ometosanto – Toyo Ito, 2004
Prada Ometosanto – Herzog & De Meuron, 2003
Omotesando Hills – Tadao Ando, 2006
Sendai Mediatheque – Toyo Ito, 2001
Hokusai museumSANAA, 2016
Saint-Mary’s Cathedral – Kenzo Tange, 1964
Yoyogi Olympic Gymnasium – Kenzo Tange, 1964
Tokyo Bunka Kaikan – Kunio Maekawa, 1961
Museum of Western Art – Le Corbusier, 1959
Nezu Museum Kengo Kuma, 2009
Tama art Library – Toyo Ito, 2007
Hachioji Seminar House -Takamasa Yoshizaka, 1964
Yokohama Ferry TerminalFOA, 1995
Okurayama AppartementsSANAA, 2006
BankART 1929 Art CenterMIKAN, 2009
KAIT – Kanagawa Institute of Technology – Junya Ishigami, 2008


Gunma Music Center – Antonin Raymond, 1955
Museum Hiroshi Senju – Ryue Nishizawa, 2011
21st Century museumSANAA, 2004
Kenrokuen garden
D.T.Suzuki museum – Yoshio Taniguchi, 2011

D7 D8 D9

Kinkakuji golden pavilion
Ginkakuji silver pavilion Zen temple
Ryoanji temple and garden
Daitokuji bambo garden
Centennial Hall, Kyoto National Museum – Yoshio Taniguchi, 2014
Kyoto Kaikan – Kunio Maekawa, 1961
Kyoto Station – Hiroshi Hara, 1997
Nishinoyama houseSANAA, 2013
Hakuhodo shop – Waro Kishi
Junko Fukutake hallSANAA, 2015
Tsushima Campus PergolaSANAA, 2015
Himeji Castle


Inujima Seirensho Art Museum – Artist:Yukinori Yanagi, Architect:Hiroshi Sambuichi
Art House Project – Artistic Director:Yuko Hasegawa, Architect:Kazuyo Sejima
Seaside Inujima Gallery – Artist:Fiona Tan
Teshima Art Museum – Ryue Nishizawa, 2010
Les Archives du Coeur – Christian Boltanski
Teshima Yokoo House – Yuko Nagayama


Chichu Art Museum – Tadao Ando
Benesse House – Tadao Ando
Lee Ufan Museum – Tadao Ando
Naoshima Hall – Hiroshi Sambuichi, 2016
Art House Project
Ando Museum – Tadao Ando, 2015
Naoshima Ferry TerminalSANAA, 2006


Kagawa Prefectural Offices – Kenzo Tange, 1959
Kagawa Prefectural Gymnasium – Kenzo Tange, 1962
Noguchi Museum Atelier & Sculpture Garden – Isamu Noguchi, 1969
Ritsurin Garden


Kitagata appartments – Kazuyo Sejima, 2001
Meiso no Mori – Toyo Ito, 2006
Imperial Hotel Entrance Frank Lloyd Wright, 1923
Mina no Mori Library Toyo Ito, 2015

Tokyo + Flight