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Experience the work of Malengier

Some cemeteries and a village center
06.10 2018
Wervik, Poperinge, Vleteren, Oostnieuwkerke

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Landscape architect Andy Malengier leads us along four of his projects in West Flanders: oases of peace and quiet in Wervik – Poperinge – Vleteren and Oostnieuwkerke. Register in time because the places are limited!

Following the lecture of 4 October, we visit on Saturday October 6 in the company of Andy Malengier a number of cemeteries and a village center designed by him.
We leave by bus at the train station in Wervik and first visit the Park Cemetery in Wervik and ‘Ter Ruste’ in Poperingen.
In the afternoon we have lunch (external)’In de Vrede’”: lang = nl, a tavern in the shadow of the St-Sixtus abbey. The cemetery in Oost-Vleteren and the Dorpskern Oostnieuwkerke complete the day trip.

Register in time! The places are limited!

Park cemetery Wervik

Spiritual landscape architecture in the middle of a profane world. It is a place where the art of living, the art of dying and the art of letting go find perfect harmony. The cemetery wants to pay attention to 2 different aspects of life, the ceremonial farewell and the later commemoration. People go for walks in the park, go out to relax and sunbathe. That our loved ones can be buried there is actually included. (free to the text on the Malengier website) Andy Malengier

Cemetery ‘Ter Ruste’ in Poperinge

The reorganization of this cemetery is still in full swing. It will be a park cemetery. The design provides for the complete redesign of the central axis, with an entrance square and a ceremonial farewell or farewell garden with a new provision for a sprinkling meadow, a commemoration alley and a memorial garden at the mass grave. Andy Malengier

Park cemetery Oost-Vleteren

We have to say goodbye to our deceased loved ones in very beautiful gardens!
The design for the central cemetery of Vleteren grew out of the conviction that, taking into account our limited space, cemeteries can offer a park function for the village! Taking into account the historical context of the village and its surrounding landscape, the park cemetery must be perfectly integrated into its surroundings. The cemetery will form an important green element in the village image. The new central cemetery should be given the appearance that the cemetery is always close to it. It must, as it were, merge seamlessly into the village image and the surrounding landscape. Such a realization should ensure that a greater involvement of the villagers arises and that the cemetery can fulfill a park role for the village life of Vleteren and its boroughs. In addition to the essential socio-economic function, the design for the central cemetery of Vleteren also has an artistic-creative value. This quality coupled with a story of comforting beauty will lead to this cemetery acquiring its own identity, the people will be able to say goodbye and commemorate and the cemetery will be part of the cultural heritage of the municipality of Vleteren. (Milling Vulture website) Andy Malengier

Dorpskern Oostnieuwkerke

After a well-organized brainstorming, the expressed needs of the people of Oostnieuwkerke, no matter how diverse they are, pointed to one general need or desire, namely to make the village center of Oostnieuwkerke more attractive, quieter and safer. Through this vision and final approach, all the needs that have been brought forward will be met. The final design shows that Oostnieuwkerke has a lot to offer through a drastic, green and stylish approach. Oostnieuwkerke deserves a ‘grandeur’ that offers the resident the ‘atmosphere’ of yesteryear and the ‘hope’ for the future.
As many English examples show, a green ‘heart’ for a village core is essential for optimum quality of life! Churches are there in a park, a sober park, consisting of grass, trees, hedges and ironwork. The ‘center park’, always situated around the church, runs across the private front gardens and the landscape. Tradition and respect for public space are high! This was also the target for Oostnieuwkerke.
This fantastic project must become an example for the whole of Flanders. The village center was returned to humans. A long, busy asphalt road was literally broken out. The Brigidapark, the pastoral garden and the surroundings of the church form one whole and thus create one big green heart. The church was included in a green oasis of peace and quiet recreation. And what about king car? The car can find its way perfectly behind the church, and even gets a few extra parking spaces. Everyone satisfied! Everyone serves pure beauty! (Milling Vulture website) Andy Malengier