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Re-weaving the Ghent urban fabric

Ghent is building a future

In the company of the Ghent Baumeister Peter Vanden Abeele, we explore the northern part of Ghent by bicycle. The Baumeister recommends in his new vision to – at the same time – supplement and liberate city in order to guarantee the quality of life for all inhabitants. He encourages to focus on innovative and collective forms of living, high-performance transport systems and better developed facilities to prepare Ghent for the transitions of the 21st century.
- putting robust green and unbuilt space at the front.
- compacting space in the 20th-century belt and freeing up space in the 19th-century belt.
- the ambition to make public squares, streets and parks (think Sint-Jacobs, Zuid, station area) truly public again.
- the development of the small ring road as a city boulevard and the development of various transport networks between the E40 and R4.
Finally, Peter Vanden Abeele wants more influence in the wider area around the old docks and a design study for the Watersportbaan area and the area of the arsenal site in Gentbrugge.
We listen to part of his story on the bike.



Sa 18 May 2019 13:00




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