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ConstructLab (D)

How Together

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The Berlin office ConstructLab – Alexander Roemer & Joanne Pouzenc is a collaborative building practice that attaches great importance to living in community and togetherness.

The title How Together refers to a publication by the German collective Constructlab on the occasion of the Chicago Architecture Biennale 2019. “(external) ConstructLab”: https: // is a collaborative building practice where togetherness is expanded to living together and working together around projects. How can the construction process proceed as a story of collective involvement, as an interactive process to produce work that is simple, beautiful and functional. Collectively making work of lasting value leads to the greatest form of sustainability in order to make work of lasting value. Collaboration and empathy are at the heart of any good project. It is an agency that wants to inspire, by sharing their stories and experiences, to register as an individual in a larger collective story.