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Living, collectivity and craftsmanship
11.10 15.10 2023

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Zurich is a city in permanent development and carries housing and architectural quality high on its agenda. In the last decades, Switzerland has been a leader in the conception and realisation of collective housing cooperatives. Their unique housing concepts and management models are highly regarded in the rest of the world. Archipel, with its focus on housing in 2023, is also looking to Switzerland for inspiration and organising a study trip to Zurich.

Arnaud Tandt

Zurich, Switzerland’s largest city as well as the cradle of cooperative living, is at the forefront of European research into new housing typologies and the integration of mixed-use programs into urban life. The quality of architecture is this city is particularly high.

With its “Wohngenossenschaften” founded in 1907, Zurich has a particularly rich tradition of collective and cooperative living. These housing cooperatives arose in response to a housing shortage and a lack of affordable housing for the working class. Today, these Genossenschaften are open to all. Currently, 25% of housing in Zurich is owned by either the municipality or the Genossenschaften.

Arnaud Tandt

Sigrid Decramer

Arnaud Tandt

“The principle of the cooperative is simple: many people work together and found a cooperative of which they become shareholders. The cooperative builds houses and rents them to its members. The rent of a house within a cooperative is calculated on the basis of actual costs, making it about 26% cheaper than the private rental market in Zurich. Cooperatives are highly valued and supported by city policies. Since only 37% own their homes in Switzerland, and barely 9% in Zurich, the success of cooperatives speaks for itself. It is a very attractive rental model.” (Architectuurwijzer)

In recent decades, these housing cooperatives have been strongly promoted to keep housing in the Swiss city affordable, to keep urban living attractive for families, to increase housing density. Many ambitious projects have been launched, innovative research stimulated, …

From the Flemish perspective, these housing projects are a source of inspiration as a possible answer to the housing crisis in Flanders. Where else but in exciting Zurich can we be better inspired? With its many top architects and renowned architecture school in ETH, we are truly in the mecca of architectural and urban planning creativity.

  • Living, because that is precisely our focus this year, and we are looking for answers abroad.
  • Collectivity, because this is the key to social well-being, against loneliness, against anonymity, not only in terms of housing, but also in terms of facilities and public space.
  • Craftsmanship, because Swiss precision is unparalleled, because here we discover how the whole picture is completed.

Sigrid Decramer Adrian Streich – Schulanlage Schauenberg

Sigrid Decramer Ana Otero – Wolkengespräch

Ewout De Bleser Schneider Studer Primas – Zwicky Areal Süd

Five days of Zurich, five days immersed in a search for answers to pressing social issues.
On foot, by public transport, by (electric) bicycle, … we wander through the city according to certain themes, certain points of view.

We see work of Christ & Gantenbein, EM2N, Caruso St John, Schneider Studer Primas, Barozzi Veiga, Duplex Architekten, Christian Kerez, Enzmann Fisher, A.D.P. Walter Ramseier, Müller Sigrist Architekten, Knorr & Pürckhauer Architekten, Esch Sintzel, Conen Sigl, Baumberger & Stegmeier, Esther & Rudolf Guyer, …

We go in search of MORE HOUSING.

Sigrid Decramer Conen Sigl – Hochbord

Content Guidance: Sigrid Decramer, Arnaud Tandt en Ewout De Bleser


Some of the projects on the programme:

Zollhaus Coopwoningen – Enzmann Fisher, 2021
Hellmutstrasse – A.D.P. Walter Ramseier, 1985
Kalkbreite – Müller Sigrist Architekten, 2014
Neubau hofgebaude Stiftung St. Peter – Knorr & Pürckhauer Architekten, 2020
Europaallee – Masterplan KCAP + diverse architecten, 2004-2020
Landesmuseum – Christ & Gantenbein, 2016
Toni Areal – EM2N, 2014
Kantoorgebouw Escher Wyss Platz – Caruso St John, 2020
Stiftung St Jakob – Caruso St John, 2018
Im Viadukt – EM2N, 2010
MFO Park – Burckhardt – Raderschall Landschaftsarchitekten, 2002
Holunderhof – Schneider Studer Primas, 2018
Tanzhaus – Barozzi Veiga, 2019
Areal Kuppe – Esch Sintzel, 2021
Lindt Home of Chocolate – Christ & Gantenbein, 2020
Werkbundsiedlung Neubühl – Paul Artaria, Max Ernst Haefeli, Carl Hubacher, Werner Max Moser, Emil Roth, Hans Schmidt, Rudolf Steiger, 1932
Westhof – Conen Sigl, 2022
Zwicky Süd – Schneider Studer Primas, 2016
Schule Stettbach – Esther & Rudolf Guyer, 1969
Wohnsiedlung Brüggliäcker – Baumberger & Stegmeier, 2014
Schulhaus Schauenberg – Adrian Streich, 2019
Mehr als wohnen – Duplex Architekten, 2009-2015
Leutschenbach Schule – Christian Kerez, 2009
Brahmshof – Kuhn Fischer Hungerbühler, 1991