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Afra & Tobia Scarpa (IT)

Own work
11.10 1996
Designcentrum Quattro Sisterco

In addition to numerous homes, the Scarpa’s got a wellknown client, the Benetton company. They built factories and warehouses in Padermo di Ponzano, Castretti di Villorba, Parigi and recently in Treviso.

(autotranslated) The work of Carlo Scarpa (1906-1978) is known. It was an architecture that had become steeped in the culture of architecture of Venice and surroundings, and showed a stunning fusion of new architecture with ancient architecture, as stratification in the time respect each other. To the work of Scarpa in northern Italy is given ample attention in our architecture tour in May 1997.

In 1935 was born his son Tobia Scarpa, who along with his wife Afra Scarpa-the tradition continued. It is fascinating to see how an analog precision of detail and confrontation of new with old, same respectful treatment of monuments, the same architectural culture of dealing with space, material, light continues in the work of Afra and Tobia Scarpa.

In addition to numerous homes, Scarpa’s saw major client: the known Benetton company they built factories and warehouses in Padermo di Ponzano, Castretti di Villorba, Parigi and recently in Treviso. Obviously, many of these buildings will be visited in the archipelago trip in May. An important part of their business is about furniture design, which will see some spot in Hoegaarden.

Both architects to present their work in Hoegaarden, where for the occasion an exhibition was set up. The architects Scarpa also bring along wine from their vineyard real person, which is offered for tasting afterwards.

Tobia Scarpa was born in Venice in 1935.
Afra Binanchin was born in Montebelluna (Treviso) in 1937.

In 1957 Tobia Scarpa realized his first work for the Venini Veneza. Since 1959 he works with his father Carlo Scarpa, who was then a professor at the architecture institute in Venice. He then worked on various design projects (the creation of a set of specifications which later in Boston received a design award, the creation of lamps for Flos). In 1962-63 he worked on the renovation of the Italian pavilion at the Venice Biennale.

Afra and Tobia Scarpa Binanchin studied at the Faculty of Architecture in Venice, where they obtained their diploma in 1969. As a student, she already had a solid professional private practice behind it. Various furniture for Dino Gavina (today Knoll International), light fittings for Flos and design commands for Cassina. In 1964 began a collaboration with Aldo Bartolomeo, owner of Domus Stil, and were introduced to Luciano Benetton, for whom they built the first factory in Padernmo di Paonzano, followed by a house and a series of warehouses. It was the start of a new business philosophy of production, distribution and sales.

C & B they realized in 1966 a new plant in Novedrate (Como) and in 1969 (the year in which they graduated) they signed their own house in the Venetian countryside. It was their experimental architecture lab where both old and new techniques were tested. These experiments were reflected in new realizations (1976 casa Lorenzin, uffici Moxalto …) in restaurants and refurbishment orders (1975 Fragiacomo villa, Villa Minelli) (1979 casa Tonolo) and in numerous collaborations.

In the 80 put themselves through these experiences in a controlled architecture and design that resists ‘fashions’ and that goes especially looking for timelessness. There is a constant dialectical interaction between their design and architectural commissions, based (at any school) on a constant basis ethic. In design commands for Copion (1981), Casa Dali (1986), Meritalia (1987) and IB office (1989). In large architectural projects for Benetton: robotized warehouses (1980), the hersturcturering factory in Ponzano in 1980), the jean department (1993) in Castrette di Villorba, the factory in Treviso … The Scarpa are as it were the architects for Benetton -company which (as known) to the company’s image has assigned a priority role. The recent house Molteni (Como), the property Soichi (in Japan) and the house Daolio (Guastalla) witnesses a controlled dialogue with the context, great attention to materials and detailing, the quality of the spaces, the quality of life .