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Dealing with heritage

Triennial Bruges 2015
11.06 2015
Vriendenzaal van de musea

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A debate with famous architects – moderated by architect and urbanist Marc Martens – giving their story about dealing with heritage. The panel will include noA architects, Dertien 12, Urbain Architectencollectief & Adrian D’Halluin (Baumschlager-Eberle)

Within the context of contemporary art and architecture triennial Bruges 2015 Archipel organizes a debate in which known architects – moderated by architect and urban designer Marc Martens – give their account of ‘dealing with heritage. The panel, among others noA architects Thirteen 12 Urbain Architects Collective, Adrian D’Halluin (Baumschlager-Eberle)

The premise of contemporary architecture and art triennial Bruges 2015, “what would happen were the five million visitors come annually in Bruges, suddenly decide to continue living there? Can the charming, ‘medieval’ Bruges are a source of inspiration for advancing the global megacities? Or there is no escaping the dark sides of sample cities? Renowned international artists and architects were challenged to create new works specifically for this project, which will be integrated into the public space. Through their imagination get the one hand positive, future-oriented visions of the city and on the other dystopian effects of the current global urbanization. Besides swans and intimate town charm will in Bruges also emerge intriguing, poetic and surprising works of art! Invited artists are for public space to Atelier Bow-Wow (Japan), Bruce Odland (US) & Sam Auinger (A) (B + A), Vibeke Jensen (NO), Song Dong (CH), Nathan Coley (UK) , Studio Mumbai (IN), Tadashi Kawamata (JP) and Anne Katrine Senstad (NO).

Each of these artists / architects tries on his way to deal with the heavily regulated context of the historical city of Bruges. How heavy is heritage? One can still create sanctuaries? What does heritage within a concept vision of the urban contextual space?

From the viewpoint of architecture Archipel put together a team of experts to reflect on dealing with heritage. Four Belgian architectural firms, moderated by architect-urban planner Marc Martens, give an insight into one of their projects, though it can be dealt with heritage and how a contemporary intervention represents an added value for the historically fraught context. Followed by a debate on overarching themes that heritage brings.

Atelier Bow-Wow, after all, builds, along with the Bruges architects office Dertien 12, a floating structure on the canals which allows for plenty of multifunctional meeting times and activities. As members of swimming clubs can use the pontoons of the sculpture while other parts of the infrastructure, provide space for lectures, exhibitions and entertainment.