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The young city

Study day: exclusive inclusive
Voormalige EGW-gebouw – Gent Zuid, in de oude bibliotheek

In collaboration with:

With the support of:

B-ILD, Carton123 + Maxime Prananto, Stand van Zaken
LZSB, Jes, Omar Kashmiry

2024 is the year of Ghent European Youth Capital, the outspoken opportunity for young people, organisations and institutions to write a participatory story for Ghent together and to include young people as important actors in shaping the furture of the city. We are part of this broader programme with a study day in March. What are the challenges for the city of tomorrow according to those who are young today?

Filip Dujardin Stand van zaken – BADF

How can young people shape the Ghent of the future? How can young people actively develop interventions in the city? Archipel is organising an in-depth thematic study day as part of the Design Manifestation Exclusive Inclusive 2023-2024: Young People Make the City. This manifestation is part of the Ghent European Youth Capital 2024 programme. We will explore various insights and bring together youth organisations with design practices. The day will end with a reflection moment and film night.

The three designers are:
B-ILD, Carton123 + Maxime Prananto, Stand van Zaken

The three youth organisations are:
LZSB, Jes, Omar Kashmiry


Dennis De Smet B_ILD – skate park, Blankenberge

Jeroen Verrecht B_ILD – sports & community centre, Kortemark

Jeroen Verrecht B_ILD – Warot, Herent

B-ILD stands for image (in German) and build (in English). The practice is based in Brussels. The team has grown organically from two to nine people and focuses on a resilient structure with two main focuses: building quality buildings and managing a positive working environment for their employees. B-ILD’s portfolio is very diverse in scale and programme, with a strong emphasis on public projects. Several proejcts were awarded to the practice through prestigious competition procedures such as the Open Call of the Flemish Government Architect, the Call of the Brussels City Architect and Call Winform. B-ILD develops projects that create added value for neighbourhoods and society. Social relevance and impact on the future are essential. B-ILD looks for projects with social added value and this manifests itself in programmes such as building schools, multifunctional spaces and special youth care. Building, almost by definition, has a negative impact on the natural environment. With this in mind, numerous essential questions precede the building process, with sustainability starting as early as the first design intentions.

Carton123 + Maxime Prananto

Carton123 Carton123 – Decock, Sint-Jans-Molenbeek

Olmo Peeters Carton123 – Malibran, Elsene

Bert Joostens Maxime Prananto

malibran & decock
The Brussels office Carton123 is fascinated by different forms of living together and likes to work on public programmes where encounters play an important role. As young parents themselves, they feel particularly attracted when they get to help shape youth-related programmes. The urban context, with often difficult boundary conditions, where differences can write a story together, is familiar territory for them. For the study day, the focus will be on two Brussels youth centres, one completed and the other under construction. How can design leave room for appropriation by young people? Can we create an and-and story? Robust and playful, intended and indeterminate, margin and flexibility? Food for thought.

Maxime Prananto conducts a practice of interventions at the intersection of art, architecture and infrastructure. From a studio, it creates and designs simultaneously. The practice produces exhibitions, objects, interventions on existing spaces, structures and scenographies. It also conducts an intensive teaching practice of design exercises and social or expressive issues.

Stand van zaken

Stand van zaken Stand van zaken

Stand van zaken Stand van zaken

Stand van zaken Stand van zaken

Stand van zaken is a collaboration between Theo De Meyer, an architect, and Doorzon, the interior design practice run by Stefanie Everaert and Caroline Lateur, all living and working in Ghent (BE). They move between architecture, design and the arts, often in projects that bring the different disciplines together. Playing with context and scale, interpreting and transforming, creating new worlds from building. Besides a design practice all collaboratiors also teach. Collaboration across the boundaries of disciplines plays an important role. Thus, Stand Van Zaken: creators of furniture and architecture through collaborations with specialists in various fields. Stand Van Zaken supports the creation and development of objects, buildings and ideas from a shared enthusiasm.





Lieve Zusjes, Stoere Broers experiments in public spaces, and always with the cargo bike. ‘Spontaneous’ gatherings in less spontaneous places. Unprecedented nooks in parks, reclaimed nature, wastelands, pop-up swings, kites, spinning tops and tunes. The rest is up to you!
Come join, enjoy & pass on!


Elke Van Oost JES – Ninoofsepoort, Zomer 2020

Ananthe Krishnan JES – Kuregem, Dauwpark, Zomer2020

Aurélien Goubeau JES – Ninoofsepoort, Zomer 2020

Gitte Van Der Biest and Jessica Vosters are part of the Youth Participation Team of JES Brussels. In autumn 2023, they launched the book Gender and the city: Les filles (ne) traînent (pas). Here, they gathered voices from various experts – both professionals and girls of the city. This creates a multifaceted reflection on girls’ and women’s experience of the city and the strategies they use to make the city their own. They share insights and observations from their own essay that took shape after years of fieldwork in Brussels.

A few years ago, they collaborated with Carton123 for the youth house on the Korte Malibranstraat in Ixelles. Meanwhile, they have also completed a four-year project at Ninoofsepoort.

Omar Kashmiry

Omar Kashmiry Omar Kashmiry – Archikids at Park Albert – MEOW, LabNorth, Recyclart

Maarten Weyns Omar Kashmiry – Bridge Stories

Sepideh Favardin Omar Kashmiry – Park Albert 23 – MEOW, LabNorth, 1010au, Plant en Houtgoed, Tournevie, Zinneke

Omar Kashmiry is an independent architect and storyteller based in Brussels, working with ZIN architects, Cinemaximilian and other socio-cultural organisations. He works on projects related to social inclusion in public spaces and uses the medium of storytelling to promote community expression.

Exclusief Inclusief – Architectuur Platform Gent


  • 12:30 – 15:00 Presentations by: B-ILD (Brussels), Stand Van Zaken (Ghent), Carton123 (Brussels) + Maxime Prananto (Brussels), Dear sisters tough brothers (Kortrijk), Omar Kashmiry (Brussels) and JES vzw (Brussels)
  • 15:00 – 15:30 Coffee break
  • 15:30 – 17:30 Workshops
  • 18:00 – 18:30 Collective wrap-up of the day
  • 18:30 – 19:30 Dinner
  • 20:00 – 21:30 Film evening, free admission, subject to reservation through Archipel


B-ILD – Sous les pavés, la plage
What role have young people played in the history of public space? How were they treated in the past? How have things changed over time? Do we find any radical historical references? What defines an inclusive space? Using an extensive collection of images, B-ILD immerses you in the history of the city’s public space. We will launch a debate that deals with gender, the forbidden, play and inclusivity

JES – Location dynamics
For this workshop, you will trek into the city with JES. We will observe, talk to people, try out methodologies, with the aim of finding out the general dynamics of a place. What works well, what works less? Are there clashing needs or friction between different users? Who are the users of this place? Are certain groups missing?

Stand van zaken – Where? Zuid!
Adults think they know which public places are suitable for young people in Ghent. Standpoint likes to consult young people themselves for this. From memory or on the road in the surroundings of ‘t Zuid. We register places and spatial elements that are of value to you. So where exactly do we find you, at’t Zuid? A place where everyone finds you outside “your ma”.

Omar Kashmiry – The right to the city
How can a simple intervention change the experience of a public space? What is the impact of design on one’s environment? In what ways can you look at a place? With the theme of ‘Rebel Cities’ (David Harvey) and ‘the right to the city’, in the back of our minds, we move into the city together and try to engage in passive activism.

Lieve Zusjes Stoere Broers – Expedition
How can we appropriate public space? How does your view of the environment change by being physically at a different height? How can we create new spaces? Together we will go on an exploration of Ghent. We gain new insights by moving around using extensions of the body during this expedition.

Carton123 i.s.m. Maxime Prananto – The superlative
Philosophers and artists, unite! Many of your predecessors agree on this: sometimes one has to look at a difficult situation for so long that one forgets all about it. Only then does its material layer penetrate us in all its reality. The workshop is about exactly that: forgetting one’s own identity as a viewer as well as forgetting a known place. In the caverns of a godforsaken mall, an unblemished perspective beckons.