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Theme 2023
More than housing

In 2023, Archipel is betting on urban living, and more specifically on “more living. Living in cities is becoming unaffordable. Migration to the city has increased again. The rising number of elderly people, changing housing needs and growing population are affecting the future of the city. The mismatch between current real estate policies and the need for affordable housing seems to be growing. How can living in the city remain both attractive and affordable?

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Living higher?
Living in an exemplary city

To make Ghent a healthier, and more inclusive city, Ghent’s city architect, Peter Vanden Abeele, makes a plea for higher building. We are still too afraid of high-rise living. However, this can increase affordability and offer urban living qualities. However, this does not give a free pass, there are important points of attention. In this context, the city architect presents the new city essay Building Higher and we listen to Jeroen de Willigen, former city architect of Groningen and creative director of the Dutch bureau De Zwarte Hond how he responds to this.

Modular housing
The housing experiment

Throughout history, the quest for affordable housing has led to numerous experiments with building methods. Modular construction has had varying degrees of success. Can modular construction offer an answer today? Aurelie De Smet, as a researcher in the field of modular building, frames cases in the long history of experimental building methods for living. Mosard vzw and B+ architects speak from the practice.

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Backpacking through Japan
An adventurous backpack trip full of architecture
Still some places available!

Seize this opportunity to get to know Japanese architecture, art and culture while backpacking with other architecture lovers. The route takes you along the ancient city of Kyoto, the art islands in the Setouchi Sea and the hi-tech metropolis of Tokyo.

Voices of the Scandinavia Blocks
How does one orchestrate 220 owners?

What if a post-war apartment block with 220 owners needs to be climate-proofed? What is their contemporary relevance? How does the ensemble connect to the new developments around the Dokken and Afrikalaan? And how can an energy-efficient renovation be done in an affordable way? TV Studio Tuin en Wereld – AgwA – Domus Mundi draws the concept for the future of the Scandinavia Blocks. The lecture will be preceded by an art project around this residential block by Timo Tembuyser and/or Naomi Steijger.

Bike tour in Ghent #1
What does building higher mean for the Ghent skyline?

There are a lot of substantial building projects in the pipeline in Ghent, both reconversions of old tower blocks and innovative collective buildings that seek height. We take you into a story about the (future) skyline of Ghent and question what it means to live in a city higher up.

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From brick expressionism to the intangibility of Ishigami

A visit to Hamburg is a walk through the architectural history of the last 150 years. Here, few architecture that is older survived the storms; fire, epidemics, economic revolutions, war… Her population always scrambled back up, adapting the city to the new reality. Pulling down and building up, moving streets or if necessary entire neighbourhoods, cleaning up the debris, dreaming of a new city most beautiful.

Manage differently, live differently?
Collective housing management as an alternative to commercial project development

How can we keep housing affordable? Is there not an important task in the shift to a different development model? Shouldn’t we be looking for housing models as a vehicle for various actors involved to jointly provide an answer to housing needs and preferences? Using three examples, we examine the impact of other management models.

Living Closer
On top, in between, behind, below

In the search for more quality spatial living within an affordable framework, we often see creative solutions to generate alternative programs/spaces within the metropolitan framework in order to live more densely and poetically. An evening of inspiration with good examples.

Bike tour in Ghent #2
Socially interwoven

The social housing company WoninGent is investing drastically in a multi-year plan for more quality social housing. A lot of renovation and replacement projects are underway, because the patrimony is still outdated. There is a lot of work to do. WoninGent pays attention to interventions that have a positive impact on the liveability in the buildings, but also on the construction of the immediate surroundings so that residents feel at home. They focus firmly on people’s stories, on social cohesion. The bicycle tour takes you along various projects that strive for a qualitative image of social housing in Ghent.

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Bike tour in Ghent #3
Modernism in Ghent

The city of Ghent is known for its ancient and magical splendor of buildings. The three towers, the Castle of the Counts, the authentic facades of the houses on the Graslei, … each of them tells a fascinating story about the city. However, Ghent is not a museum city, but Ghent is alive. A mix of contemporary and authentic buildings from various layers of history, from classical facades to walls decorated with graffiti, give Ghent that unique, idiosyncratic character. The modernist architecture in between weaves a surprising story. Architect-urbanist-photographer Johan Rutgeerts and architect Christophe Lecompte inventoried some 400 modernist projects in Ghent. A selection from these forms the basis of this bicycle tour.

Heritage Day
Robust collective housing

Collective housing is increasingly viewed in Flanders as a beneficial strategy to achieve individual and societal gains such as affordable housing, ecological living, landscape-sparing living, more inclusive living and more social living. But can we simply assume that these collectivity gains will also be robust against unforeseen circumstances in the long term? By examining the evolution of a number of historical collective housing forms at home and abroad, Glenn Lyppens sheds new light within his doctorate on the (im)ability of spatial design in this regard.

Small scaled social housing
Quality housing for vulnerable groups in Ghent

In Ghent, the housing shortage is particularly high. As the city of Ghent is now growing, the amount of housing must grow significantly every year to keep pace. The social housing company WoninGent must provide an answer to the need for quality and affordable social housing for the lowest income categories in the city. They do this both by tackling existing buildings that no longer meet current energy requirements and by building new social housing. We zoom in on the small scale of social housing in Ghent.

Home care in Kortrijk
In search of innovative housing concepts

The health and well-being of all people in Flanders, young and old, is important. There must be sufficient and quality care facilities in home care, elder care, general and mental health care. In Kortrijk, we zoom in on intergenerational living and home care.

Rethinking housing
A plea for ‘new standards'

Duplex Architekten shows how innovative housing construction can function in Switzerland and what contribution it can make to urban development. We place this lecture in a broader examination of new financing models for the housing market and alternative forms of housing within which housing can remain affordable.

Big scale residential housing
How to renovate large-scale post-war housing stock?

We are facing a huge renovation challenge with regard to the severely outdated residential patrimony, and not least with regard to the post-war residential towers. Where until a few years ago demolition-reconstruction was still proposed without blinking, now the quality of the buildings on the one hand and financial / ecological impact not to demolish on the other hand are more appreciated. We take a closer look at three large residential ensembles (two towers and a neighborhood) and listen to the challenges and opportunities through a research project on the transformation strategy of a residential tower in St-Joost-ten-Node.

New Ghent: park, street, square
Transition from a social housing enclave to a sustainable future perspective

New Ghent is undergoing a metamorphosis. This large-scale operation falls within the ambitious vision of the social housing company WoninGent to provide more high-quality social housing in the growing city of Ghent, which is struggling with severe housing shortages. Various teams of architects are following two main lines in the creation of a contemporary residential park: making connections to the larger urban whole and creating cohesion on a human scale. We dive into New Ghent.