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Ireland & Schotland

Architecture in Dublin & Glasgow
11.04 17.04 2011

Ireland today is architecture. A young generation of designers has taken a different path with a critical eye and with a new refreshing look.

Ireland is in the spotlight. The economic boom and the huge building boom of the last few decades as a bubble burst. One of the poorest countries in Europe to one of the richest and then this.

But Ireland is today architecture. A young generation of designers has taken a different path with a critical eye and with a new refreshing look what we call written a story architecture.

Very fond of materiality, space and the social context, but also greatly influenced by the increasingly global architectural language, they do work that is sober weaves in place and time. We want to see that. Ireland has given us an excuse to drown in architecture and “Finnegans Wake”.

and Scotland.
Charles Rennie Mackintosh was the surprise during the preparation trip. The Long Glasgow doubts disappeared from the table. Supplemented by the work of contemporary local talent (Malcolm Fraser) and global ‘starchitecten (David Chipperfield and Zaha Hadid) probably result is a fascinating journey architecture.

Dublin and Glasgow. It sounds nice. They are not really direct tourist sites and we do not take the most obvious route …

Tour guide: Frederik Tomme, Andie Decock, Arnout Fonck & Hera Van Sande

Depending on the number of participants is 1 or 2 groups of up to 50 traveling with an interval of 1 day. Group A and Group B.
Group A starts Monday, April 11th and will sat back April 16th.
Group B departs Tuesday, April 12th and will return zondag April 17th.
In case of insufficient entries, it is only Group B


Irisch film center – O’Donnell + Tuomey, 1992
National Photographic archive – O’Donnell + Tuomey, 1996
School of Photography – O’Donnell + Tuomey, 1996
Santry Demesne appartements – Derek Tynan, 2009
Black Print studios – Mccullough Mulvin, 1994
Offices Lincoln Place – Mccullough Mulvin, 1994
Department of Mechanical Engineering Trinity college – Grafton Architects, 1996
Ussher library – Mccullough Mulvin, 2002
Trinity long room Hub – Mccullough Mulvin, 2002
Berkeley library – Ahrends Burton Koralek, 1967
Ministry of Finances – Grafton Architects, 2008
Timberyard Housing – O’Donnell + Tuomey, 2009
Rathmines Square – Donnelly Turpin, 2010
Sean O’Casey community centre – O’Donnell + Tuomey, 2009
Long House – Grafton Architects, 2002
Central bank of Ireland – Sam Stephenson, 1933+2006
Screening room – Grafton Architects, 1999

Dublin West
Cherry Orchard school – O’Donnell + Tuomey, 2006
Brookfield Youth centre – Hasset Ducatez, 2007

Dublin South-East
Eurocampus / French – A2 Architects, 2008
Virus Reference laboratory – Mccullough Mulvin, 2003
Medical Research laboratory – O’Donnell + Tuomey, 2003
James Joyce library – Scott Tallon Walker, 1973
Elm Park office blocks – Bucholz Mc Evoy, 2008

Outside Dublin
Visual Arts Centre – Terry Pawson, 2009
Solstice Arts Center – Grafton Architects, 2006
Ratoath collage – McGarry Ni Eanaigh, 2007

Lewis Glucksman gallery – O’Donnell + Tuomey, 2004
City Hall Civic offices – ABK Architects, 2007
Cork County library – Shay Cleary, 2009

the Willow tea rooms – Charles Rennie Mackintosh, 1897-1917
St Aloysius College – Elder And Cannon, 2002
Glasgow School of Art – Charles Rennie Mackintosh, 1899-1909
Daily Record building – Charles Rennie Mackintosh, 1904
The lighthouse – Charles Rennie Mackintosh, 1895
The lighthouse – Page & Park, 1999
Citizen M – Concrete
Glasgow city mission – Elder And Cannon, 2010

Glasgow outskirts
Scottish Ballet – Malcolm Fraser, 2009
Tramway – Hidden gardens, 2002
Scotland Street School museum – Charles Rennie Mackintosh, 1906
House for an Art lover – Charles Rennie Mackintosh, 1901+1997
Kelvin Grove art gallery and museum – Charles Rennie Mackintosh, 1901
Maggie’s Centre – Page & Park, 2002
The Hub – Page & Park
Mackintosh House – Charles Rennie Mackintosh
Mackintosh church – Charles Rennie Mackintosh, 1899
Glasgow science museum – Gareth Hoskins, 2007
BBC HQ Scotland – David Chipperfield, 2007
Riverside Museum of Transport – Zaha Hadid, 2011
Clyde auditorium / SECC – Norman Foster, 1997
Hill house – Charles Rennie Mackintosh, 1904