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New Netherlands (part 1)

Tilburg & Breda
04.10 1998
Tilburg en Breda
Zuid Nederland

Works by Coenen, Benthem Crauwel, Neutelings and Wiel Arets in Tilburg, work of Van Heeswijk and Hertzberger in Breda. Concluding with a thorough tour of the Chassé theater

Works by Jo Coenen, Benthem Crauwel, Neutelings and Arets in Tilburg; a beautifully restored Gothic Great Church, and work by Van Heeswijk and Hertzberger in Breda. Deciding on a thorough tour of the Chassé theater, a foyer buffet and a concert of the Portuguese Fado singer Dulce Pontes. A total package of architecture, appealing to music.

In recent years there has clearly been an innovative architectural revolution in the Netherlands.
In the eyes of O.M.A. has found a new generation of architects internationally recognized. Even fixed values ​​like Hertzberger have been renewed.

The combination of architecture and music we have already tested successfully in Berlin, Vicenza, Lyon and Paris. The concert immediately connects with the architecture trip to Portugal. Dulce Pontes is a fado phenomenon that through Portugal conquers the world with a powerful, pure voice. She became famous worldwide after the last CD ‘Caminhos’. Pontes is (according to criticism) a broken temper, energy, emotion and expression; a voice that plays, laughs and cries.


schouwburg/theater/kunstcluster - Jo Coenen
Kantoorgebouw Haans – Jo Coenen
Museum De Pont – Benthem Crauwel
woninggebouw – Neutelings Riedijck
woninggebouw – Wiel Arets
Gerestaureerde Grote Kerk
Kunstuitleencentrum – J. Van Hieswijk
Bibliotheek, muziekcentrum – Herman Hertzberger
Chassé theater – Herman Hertzberger