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Martine Pollier
Zandstraat 324, 8200 Brugge
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Tom Thys (BE)

Own work
07.05 2015

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Tom Thys is looking for new ideas, new strategies within projects of varying size and nature; from exhibitions to public buildings, housing projects to master plans. Recently, the first schools were realized (Grimbergen, Laeken and Bruges) and there are still a lot of projects in the pipeline.

Tom Thys has extensive experience in Flanders with the design and construction of public buildings, onderwijsinfrasructuur and multifunctional housing projects. The lecture is conceived as a stroll through well executed and unexecuted projects. Not only the realization of the design is discussed. There are also produced numerous cross-connections. Through the themes of ‘Silhouettes, Proximity, Families’ get deeper layers of meaning to the surface.

The projects all show a strong empathic character. Not only the immediate context but also the specific demand of the client was seen clearly in the draft. This leads to a production architecture with a wide variety of images. At the same time seeking work for a great internal consistency. The architecture is based on classical architectural means such as tectonics, texture and proportion. Tom Thys is especially known for the realization of his unique school in Grimbergen and Laeken. Recently, the agency delivered the construction of 86 social housing in Asse and construction on a school in Bruges. Currently running the yard of a gymnasium and youth center (passive standard) on the Left. But there are still a lot of projects in the pipeline; the construction of 150 social housing in Deurne, a residential care center in Kortrijk, which is part of the Pilot Project Care, the construction of 49 housing units in Borgloon, the expansion of the town hall in Langemark and several projects for private builders.

Tom Thys worked at De Smet-Vermeulen Architects and Peter Kint Architects. In 2003 he founded together with Adinda Van Geystelen own agency. Since 2015 he associates himself with Jan Vermeulen, who after studying at TU Delft moved to London to work there by David Chipperfield Architects and Sergison Bates Architects. After ten years in England in 2012, John went back to the mainland. Both architects to join forces. By combining the two agencies in one unique design expertise is presented: the international expertise of Studio Jan Vermeulen completes the years of experience that Tom Thys has built in Flanders. Since 1997 Tom Thys is attached to the Department of Architecture of the Catholic University of Leuven. There he led a visiting along with Ward Verbakel some graduate workshops. On this research included the exhibition Breuckland, the suburb “(in collaboration with VAI) and presented the book ‘Breuckland, Design interventions for a post-crisis Brooklyn. Based on its expertise in practice granted Tom his cooperation and advice to various studies and policy documents related to school construction and collective living.

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