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Over the past thirty years, the small Austrian province of Vorarlberg with its contemporary architectural culture made a name for himself. Vorarlberg built a regional identity. A traveling exhibition was developed to transform the architecture of Vorarlberg on the international map. The seemingly universal consensus among local architects to use reasonable methods and means in combination with a relentless search for the most sensible, functional and cost-effective design solutions. The use of innovative materials and construction principles, incorporating the latest technologies and the development of new building products play a particularly important role. Rooted in the ingenuity of the population, this pragmatism, simplicity and rationality resulted in a huge number of buildings which almost seem to be an unintended by-product of a thoughtful and sophisticated problem-solving process. The harmonious collaboration between architects, craftsmen, builders and local authorities leads to new architecture that is progressive, energy-efficient and sustainable. With a total of more than 230 projects and approximately 700 photographs, the exhibition provides a comprehensive overview of a movement that originated in the late 1950s and early 1960s and which is described as the “Vorarlberger Bauschule”.

This exhibition we bring in collaboration with KU Leuven, Faculty of Architecture, Campus Sint-Lucas in Ghent and the Austrian Cultural Forum in Brussels.

Getting things done



Th 20 October 2016 19:00


Pandgang Campus Sint Lucas Gent
Hoogstraat 51
9000 Gent


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