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ROTOR: Mottainai

Own work by Lionel Devlieger
21.03 2019
Balenmagazijn (Sociaal restaurant)

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Rotor, founded in 2005, is a Brussels architectural collective that focuses on the cycle of industrial and building material. Palimpest of reuse and materials!

Rotor, founded in 2005 by architects Lionel Devlieger and Tristan Boniver and designer Maarten Gielen, is a Brussels architectural collective that focuses on the cycle of industrial and building material. Critical to existing regulations and cultural norms, Rotor has worked together with architects and policy makers in recent years to address the ecological and economic relevance of reuse in the construction industry and to disseminate their findings in publications (including their Vade Mecum) and through lectures. Rotor does a lot: researching, designing, building, advising and organizing exhibitions and competitions, publishing books … It is a real Brussels organization, with an international view and local an-chored effect. In addition to the substantive cross-fertilization, the languages also run into and through each other. Today, a core of some ten long-term employees establishes the agenda of the group. The concrete reali-zation of their projects is a tribute to a more extensive network of ad hoc employees.

Hugo Mancini

In 2016, the spin-off Rotor Deconstruction was established as a separate entity. Its mission is to facilitate the reuse of construction components. The company leads material flows from the construction sector to a second life. Today you will find an abundance of modern and postmodern beauty in the depots of Rotor DC, saved from demolition and on the way to the reuse market.

In 2010 they represented Belgium at the 12th International Architecture Biennale in Venice with “Usus / Usures”, in 2013 they were the curatorial team for the Oslo Architecture Triennale “Behind the Green Door” and at the end of 2016 they were nominated for the OVAM Ecodesign PRO Award.

DXO | O'Beart

Mottainai is a Japanese term used by environmentalists to denote a message of regret for waste. “Mottainai!” Can be translated as “What a waste!” This way people want to encourage “reduce, reuse and recycle”. Rotor’s focus: palimpsest of materials. Rotor definitely needs a stage in this theme year of Archi-pel.