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Luigi Caccia Dominioni

Luigi Caccia Dominioni (°Milano, December 7, 1913 – †Milano, November 13, 2016) was an Italian architect, designer and urbanist.

He completed the full cycle of studies, up to High School at the Institute Leo XIII in Milan, run by the Jesuits. In 1931 he joined the faculty of architecture at the Milan Polytechnic. He graduated in 1936 and obtained the professional qualification in Venice. In 1936, with his brothers Livio and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, he opened a professional studio. Military service from 1939 to 1943, but refuses to join the Social Republic of Salo and must take refuge in Switzerland.

Since 1945, he resumed his work as an architect, first with fellow Castiglioni, then, from 1946, with his own professional studio, in company with the Marquis Porro and Brizzi. In 1947 he has been making (Azucena) furniture and design objects with the architect Ignazio Gardella. He worked mainly in buildings in Milan and province. He moved to Monaco in 1975, where he built the skyscraper Parc Saint Roman.