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Martine Pollier
Zandstraat 324, 8200 Brugge
T +32 50 322 420

Jarmund / Vigsnæs

Jarmund / Vigsnaes was founded in 1996 by Einar Jarmund (1962) and Håkon Vigsnaes (1962). In 2004 joined Alessandra Kosberg (1967) as the third partner, the team, which currently employs nineteen people.

The office is located in Oslo where they like young designers rose to the challenge with a new agency within the landscape of the established offices set their own course. This tendency characterizes the development of many Norwegian architects of the last twenty years. This requires a degree of courage that is often accompanied by a quirky and also content consistently and strongly supported vision that leads to national and even international success.

The three partners have been trained in the architecture institute in Oslo (AHO) where Jarmund and Vigsnaes Sverre Fehn as a teacher ontmoetten.Jarmund enjoyed further training in Seattle and Vigsnaes also studied at the AA in London.