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Paul Deroose

Paul Deroose (°Menen, July 3, 1945) is a Belgian landscape architect.

Deroose studied landscape and garden architecture at the Higher National Institute of Horticulture in Vilvoorde (graduate in 1966) and architecture, urban planning, garden and landscape architecture at the Architect School of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen (diploma garden art in 1970 and Architecture in 1971) . He gained experience during his internship in Copenhagen by architect Ole Nørgaard (1965), the Office of Regional Planning of Greater Copenhagen (1969), Professor Jørgen Bo (1970) and architect Jørgen Vesterholt (1971).

In November 1971 he founded his design for gardening and landscaping. Since then he has made a large number of designs and executed. Many of them are architectural designs where it him to do is to bring out the natural environment of a place to be right. He belongs to the small group of landscape architects who do have the vision to find entrance to a green construction is equally in need of a guiding concept and architecture as this is required for a building.

He has numerous gardens and parks laid out, in which he also gradually specialized in the construction or restoration of formal historic gardens.